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   Chapter 2580 Flying Sickle City

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Looking at Romeo's nervous expression, Zen smiled faintly. "Why should I mind? Since she and I are peers, she doesn't have to pay too much attention to courtesy when she talks to me."

When Zen's blood purity had been checked, it had been confirmed that the blood of the Nine Li race was running through his veins, and thus, he had successfully become a member of the Nine Li race.

But in the eyes of the Nine Li people, he was different from them.

Whether it was the elders or the other members, they all sported an expression of awe when they looked at Zen.

After all, Zen had been identified as the grandson of the Grand Chieftain. The difference between his status and theirs could not disappear just because they were from the same bloodline.

Elsa, however, didn't treat Zen like he was superior to her. She wrinkled her delicate nose and asked Romeo curiously, "That's right. Why should he mind?"

"Fine." Romeo laughed as he tapped his forehead with his thumb.

Monty and Yeoman also came over to Zen after seeing how casual and easygoing he was.

After some conversation, the young people soon became familiar with one another.

Among these five people, Zen was definitely the strongest, followed by Elsa. Romeo was on par with Monty, and Yeoman was a little weaker than them. After all, he had only joined the team after Chandler's death. Before that, there had been no chance of him representing the Nine Li race.

As the huge bone ship soared across the sky at an extremely fast speed, it passed a large mass of brown clouds formed by chaotic energy.

There was nothing to prevent the chaotic energy from surging into the bone ship, but the Wild Gods didn't seem to be bothered by it. In fact, Elsa took a deep breath to revel in the freshness of these clouds.

As Zen watched this scene, he felt that his definition of life was going to change once again.

A considerable number of the people born in this world were just ordinary people. Even if they cultivated to become Wild Gods, they were still inferior to the True Gods of the divine land in terms of strength.

And yet, although only Holy Beings could resis

le of Flying Sickle City knew that something big was about to happen here today.

In the middle of the city was a wide wasteland where countless broken bones had been buried.

On this deserted land stood the people of the Yellow Emperor race.

"Are the guys of the Nine Li race too afraid to fight?" a strong and tall man from the Yellow Emperor race said in a muffled voice.

"That's just what I want," said a handsome young man next to him.

This young man was David. Not long ago, he had given a challenge to the Nine Li race in the Sky Spirit Bone Tower. It had been only three months since then, but David's aura had changed again. Obviously, the Yellow Emperor race had used a lot of resources on him in the past three months.

"That's impossible. If they don't fight, it means that they've given up the Sky South Bone Tower. Do you really think they will do that?" the lady dressed in blue beside David asked with a laugh.

Casting a glance at the lady in blue, David said indifferently, "Whether they do that or not has nothing to do with you guys. I can deal with them on my own. I don't know what the elders sent you here for!"



The strong man, the lady in blue, and the other two people all stared at him with rage when they heard this.

David was notorious in the Yellow Emperor race for his arrogance. He not only behaved that way toward outsiders, but also toward his own tribesmen.

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