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   Chapter 2559 Blood At The Sixth-grade

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Grand Elder, Erik as well as the rest of the crowd showed a puzzled expression.

Erik's face had darkened. He stared at Giacomo and asked, "Giacomo, do you know what you are talking about?"

A strange expression gradually appeared on the Grand Elder's delicate and white face. She also stared at Giacomo indifferently and asked, "Did you just say that Zen is originally a member of our race?"

Giacomo naturally knew that they wouldn't believe it. If he hadn't seen with his own eyes that Zen had absorbed a piece of blood wild bone, he wouldn't have believed it either.

There were over all seven thousand people who had Chiyou's bloodline, and all of them lived in the Sky Spirit Bone Tower. It was quite incredible learning that a stranger had the same bloodline like them.

"Yes, I saw it with my own eyes. He has absorbed a wild bone containing Chiyou's bloodline." Giacomo clarified, nodding his head.

Giacomo explained with such determination, but the rest still looked skeptical about it, especially Erik, who stared at him vigilantly and questioned, "Giacomo, are you playing some tricks?"

Giacomo felt unhappy about the way Erik questioned. He sneered and said, "Since you don't believe me, let Grand Elder assess Zen. I believe that Zen can pass the test. It's not bad for Zen to get an extra blood of our race!"

If Zen didn't have a need to transplant blood, the only remaining blood within one thousand years would naturally be given to Erik's friend.

Erik became silent upon hearing Giacomo's response. It was true that they were on bad terms, but if what he said was true, it would be an advantage for him.

"Stop arguing." The Grand Elder floated up gently and stopped in front of Zen, her attractive eyes staring at him. "Whether you have the blood of our Nine Li race, we can know it through a test at once. Erik, go and inform our clansmen to bring all the children of six years old or over. I'll take care of the preparation. Zen, you and our clansmen will participate in the blood purity test."

After she gave out further instructions, she smiled at Zen. Gently twisting her waist, she retreated into the distance.

A few moments passed.

About four to five hundred people of the Nine Li race had gathered in the square. The crowd were immersed in whispe

gently poked it on the tip of Frida's finger.

Several drops of blood flowed out from her fingertip.

Frida felt pain from her finger and was about to cry, but the Grand Elder already stretched out her arm gently touching her forehead. The pain immediately disappeared.

As for the drops of blood, they were guided in midair by the Grand Elder. The drops of blood had fused, and they fell towards the jade.

Bits of bright red blood blossomed on the jade's surface, and were swiftly absorbed by the jade in the blink of an eye.


The jade started to tremble. The pure white jade started to glow with red light, and was constantly turning fully red.

"It's already the third-grade!" "And the color is still changing!"

"It's the fourth-grade!"

"Maybe Frida's blood could be above the fifth-grade?"

"I've told you that the purity of Frida's blood is definitely great!" the clansman who had carried the two children in his arms before uttered in excitement.

A few seconds later, the color of the jade stopped changing and became stable.

The Grand Elder then announced flatly, "Frida's blood is at the top of sixth-grade, and will reach seventh-grade soon. Congratulations, Akshay!"

The purity of blood was divided into ten grades. The sixth-grade blood was considered as a top grade in the Nine Li race. In the future, the girl would surely be of great importance in her race.

Frida's father, Akshay, was naturally thrilled when he learned that her blood would reach the seventh-grade surely.

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