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   Chapter 2558 Grand Elder

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Giacomo and Zen flew to the top of the roof. Once they landed there, they climbed up the stairs.

Halfway up, Zen saw another Chiyou statue with three heads and three pairs of arms.

Giacomo took a step forward and respectfully bowed to the Chiyou statue. "This is the leader of our Nine Li race. Before you become a member of our race, you have to worship him with sincerity."

Although Giacomo had managed to smoothly bring Zen to the bone tower, it was extremely difficult for one to become qualified enough to enter the bone tower.

The Light of Adjudication, which appeared once every thousand years, could take away anybody's life. Those who knew about it were desperate to enter one of the bone towers because only the bone towers were able to resist the Light of Adjudication. There were even those who were willing to become guards of the Nine Li race's affiliated sects just so that they could enter the race's bone tower.

After all, entering a bone tower was the only way that could guarantee them a longer life.

As for going up this staircase and entering the Nine Li race's territory, that was the lifetime dream for many people.

It meant getting Chiyou's blood, which would open the door to countless possibilities.

Every member of the Nine Li race had the utmost respect for Chiyou. So before entering the Nine Li race's territory, they would worship the Chiyou statue first.

Now, Giacomo treated Zen as a member of the Nine Li race too. Although he couldn't understand how, Zen had managed to absorb the energy of the blood wild bone right in front of his eyes.

When Zen heard Giacomo's words, he didn't hesitate at all.

His mother had told him that Chiyou was his maternal grandfather, so he worshipped the statue like Giacomo did.

Then, the two of them continued on their way up. Soon, a large cave lit up by a raging firelight coming into view.

The cave was filled with countless huge palaces. This was the real territory of the Nine Li race.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

About seven people suddenly flew over from the cave.

The head of the group was tall and strong, and he had a bare torso and messy hair. Before he even landed in front of Zen and Giacomo, he said, "Giacomo, you want to give this boy the blood of our race?"

At the sight of this man, a touch of displeasure appeared on G

that agreement at the beginning?"

The voice was as sweet and melodious as a beautiful song. Even without seeing her, anyone who heard her voice could tell that she must be extremely beautiful.

Zen turned his gaze to the direction where the sound came from and saw a bright figure not too far away, floating in the air.

It was a woman with snow-white skin and bare feet. She wasn't wearing any clothes, but her private parts were covered by pink silk cloth. Her silver hair was tied back in a bun, and her face was even more stunning. She blinked gently and looked Zen up and down.

The moment she appeared, the tense atmosphere suddenly eased.

Erik gave her a salute and said, "You are right, Grand Elder. I believe Giacomo wants to directly give this brat the blood!"

'This woman is the Grand Elder?' Zen wondered in shock.

After shooting a triumphant glance at Erik, Giacomo strode toward the Grand Elder and said, "I didn't mean it. I wanted to meet you, but not for the blood, because Zen doesn't need the blood at all!"

Not understanding the meaning of Giacomo's words, the Grand Elder replied, "If he really has the strength to fight against the young talents of Yellow Emperor race, then he must accept the blood of our race. After all, according to the gambling agreement, the one who fights for our race must be a member of our race. So what do you mean, Giacomo?"

"I mean that Zen is already a member of our race! Grand Elder, I wanted to come to you just to test the purity of his blood," Giacomo explained in a proud voice.

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