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   Chapter 2557 Enter The Bone Tower

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Zen nodded and followed Giacomo in silence.

He had felt a strange sensation in his body while absorbing the blood wild bone, as if something in his body was going to come into being. Although this feeling was fleeting and felt like background noise to him, it still existed. He wondered what it meant.

Romeo was a member of Nine Li race. After activating his form of Wild God, he came to possess two heads and four hands. It was the Blood Wild Body of Nine Li race. Zen wondered if his own Wild God too would have two heads and four hands, now that he had absorbed enough blood wild bones.

Some time passed as they flew over, and Zen realized that Giacomo had taken him back to Herren City.

Herren City was large and had a huge number of guards. When Zen had come here for the first time, he had been cautious and alert, not daring to cross the guards in the slightest. He had no reason to invite trouble for himself.

Giacomo flew into Herren City with Zen behind him. Immediately as they entered, seven or eight streaks of light flew toward them.

Zen looked them up and down. These people, he assumed, were high-ranking figures of the city. Although they did not have the blood of the Nine Li race, their cultivation bases seemed very high to him.

"Master Giacomo!"

"Master Giacomo!"

They cupped their hands in unison and greeted Giacomo respectfully.

Herren City was under the management of Star Sect, a sect associated with Nine Li race. Giacomo was respected by the warriors of the race, and so naturally these people showed him deference.

Although they were utterly respectful toward Giacomo, their gazes fell on Zen from time to time.

Giacomo wanted to use the transmission array in Herren City, saying he had an urgent matter to deal with. The people assumed that it had something to do with the man behind him.

"Is the transmission array ready?" Giacomo asked them impatiently.

The leader of the group nodded. "Yes, it is. Please come this way, Master Giacomo!"

"Take me there," said Giacomo.

The leader waved his hand and the rest of the company retreated. He led the way and the three of them flew to the west of the city.

In a giant square in the west of the city, a huge transmission array had already been activated. It appeared like a delicate lotus leaf, slowly turning, a halo of soft pink light encircling it.

After landing from the skies, Giacomo and Zen walked straight to this very exquisite transmission array.


ge the bone tower in the slightest, not even create a crack on it.

Still, there were a few giant cracks in the bone tower. The Nine Li people lived inside these cracks, but they were not the ones to create them. These had existed from a long time ago.

It was speculated that the Chaos Ancient God had been seriously injured before he fell into this world, so the mottled cracks in the bone tower must have been left behind at that time.

If the corpse of the Chaos Ancient God was intact and devoid of cracks in his bones, then no one in this world could have hidden inside the bone towers.

It was a fact.

For instance, there was no crack in the Heavenly Wild Bone Tower, and no one had been able to dig out a crack in it either. No race was able to step in the Heavenly Wild Bone Tower. It was a worthless endeavor.

Zen and Giacomo flew in the air through the crack and the space ahead suddenly narrowed. It was so tapered that only one person could pass through.

However, after a period of time, the space widened again. What appeared in front of Zen was an area spanning three large cities. Several buildings occupied the space and many of the Wild Gods were hurriedly shuttling through it.

"Have we arrived?" Zen asked quietly.

Giacomo shook his head. "This is where the three affiliated sects of Nine Li race live. Our race resides at the top."

He pointed to the ceiling in the air. A wide crack could be seen above their heads. On the other side were a flight of steps that extended to a higher place.

The bone was extraordinarily firm. No one was able to carve the steps out, so they had to be built out of other materials.

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