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   Chapter 2556 Blood

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Blood transfusion was not an easy task. It was said that such a thing had to be done by powerhouses of the Nine Li race.

For most of the Wild Gods in the world, this was undoubtedly an opportunity to completely change their fate.

In the past, only a warrior from another race who made great contributions to the Nine Li race could earn such a privilege.

If it weren't for the pressure from the Yellow Emperor race, the Nine Li race wouldn't have decided to let Zen in.

As far as Giacomo was concerned, Zen was very lucky to have such a good chance that was only given once in a thousand years. So naturally, he believed that Zen would accept this chance with excitement.

However, Zen just gave a slight nod in response. "Of course I'm willing, but before that, I still hope to have a try. I want to know if I can directly absorb the Wild God Power in them."

Hearing Zen's words, Sarah, the woman in emerald, and the others stood still, staring at Zen with confusion on their faces.

'What a lucky reward! But why isn't Zen immediately accepting it?'

Giacomo himself frowned, feeling a little angry. In an affronted tone, he said, "Well, let me see if you can absorb the Wild God Power of our Nine Li race!"

Without saying anything more, Zen grabbed one of the blood wild bones with one hand.

The truth was that Zen himself was not sure if he could directly absorb the blood wild bone. After all, he had undergone the process of blood exchange, so he had no idea if his blood would be compatible with the blood of the wild bone.

"Master Giacomo, the wild bone would be wasted in this way..." the woman in emerald said worriedly.

If Zen extracted the Wild God Power from the wild bone and his body wasn't able to absorb it, then all the Wild God Power would dissipate.

It wasn't advisable at all to let Zen waste the blood wild bone just for the sake of an experiment.

"It doesn't matter!" Giacomo said as he waved his hand. He was too offended to think straight.

Ignoring the tense atmosphere around him, Zen gently moved his hand over the surface of the brown wild bone, and brown waves of Wild God Power burst out like spring water.

"Trickle Spring Method?" A trace of disdain appeared on everyone's face when they saw Zen's skill.

Although Ze

know who you are. But do you know how long you would live if you didn't come here at this time?" Giacomo asked deliberately.

Zen thought for a moment, and then smiled and said, "Maybe three years."

"So you know?" Giacomo raised his eyebrows.

Only a few people knew about the Light of Adjudication, and these people would go all out to fight and get into the bone tower to avoid the disaster that occurred once in a thousand years.

Zen nodded. "Yes. That's why I came here," he said frankly.

"Let me take you to the Sky Spirit Bone Tower. First, I want to know how pure your blood is. If it turns out that you are really from our Nine Li race, we will treat you well," said Giacomo.

Even though he had seen Zen suck the blood wild bone dry in front of his own eyes, it was still difficult for him to believe. After all, it made no sense at all.

Zen had mainly cultivated the True God system and he had strong mental power. Now, it turned out that he had Chiyou's blood running through his veins too. It was hard for Giacomo to imagine that these characteristics would appear in a foreign member he did not know.

"You want to know how pure my blood is?" Zen was a bit confused.

Giacomo looked at Zen calmly. "Our race has the noblest blood in the world. It has been passed onto us by our progenitor, Chiyou. However, the purity of each person's blood is different. We usually check the purity of a person's bloody the day they're born. Of course, you can't be exempted from this tradition either."

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