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   Chapter 2555 Giacomo

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After leaving the Immemorial Wilderness, Zen and the others returned to the stronghold.

According to the ordinances, these Wild Gods were obliged to have all of the wild bones they had found checked while the Nine Li race would take half of the wild bones. Only then were they permitted to leave.

The Nine Li race possessed a secret method to detect the amount of wild bones dug out by the Wild Gods. Even if they were to hide them in their space rings, they could not leave without the wild bones being detected. Every Wild God was required to hand over all of the wild bones they had obtained to the Nine Li race for inspection.

However, Zen and the two other Wild Gods with him didn't need to hand over half of their wild bones to the Nine Li race, yet they still needed to go through the inspection procedure.

"Master Romeo has informed us that you are to keep all your wild bones, and you are welcome to exchange the blood wild bones you have obtained for ordinary wild bones at market price here," the woman in emerald clothes said and smiled sweetly at Zen.

Perhaps it was because of Romeo's instructions that she was very polite and treated Zen with respect.

It was common practice here to exchange the blood wild bones for common wild bones at the market price. After all, the Wild Gods here didn't have any special blood lineage, therefore it was useless for them to keep any blood wild bones that they had found. Although it might not present the best deals to trade the blood wild bones at market price, it was convenient. Most of the Wild Gods chose to use this option.

Sarah and Hiram didn't have any quarrel with this arrangement, and they handed over the blood wild bones they had found. Then someone came in and took the blood wild bones away. The Nine Li race would give them a correspondent number of common wild bones after they had evaluated the blood wild bones.

"Exchange the blood wild bones at market price?" Zen frowned slightly as a suspicion formed in his mind.

The woman in emerald noticed Zen's apprehensiveness and said with a smile, "Yes, you won't lose out on the price."

"That is not the problem. One type of the blood wild bones I have dug out has proven very useful to me. I'm afraid I can't exchange those," Zen said.

The girl in emerald was now caught in a dilemma. Although Romeo had ordered special treatment be given to Zen, the rule was resolute. All kinds of blood wild bones the Wild Gods had gathered had to be handed over to the Nine Li race.

After all, most of the major races suffered a severe shortage of blood wild bones of their own bloodlines. Only in trading the blood wild bones with each other could they gain access to the blood wild bones they needed.

However, Zen didn't look like he could have any special bloodline in his body. The girl wondered what he wanted the blood wild bones for in the first place.

The girl in emerald considered this and said, "Can I see the blood wild bones you

ed to bring you to this achievement."

Those living in the bone towers would never refer to the Wild Gods outside the bone towers as "pariahs". After all, that would be too disrespectful, so he only called Zen "a man of wilderness".

Zen cupped his hands and asked, "Are you serious about the challenge that you laid down just now, sir?"

"Of course! But there is no need to try, for it is futile. You can't do it. Ha-ha-ha." Giacomo laughed heartily. "But you saved my nephew, Romeo, and he said you are extremely powerful. Now we of the Nine Li race are badly in need of talent. It's not difficult for us to give you one set of blood of our Nine Li race. Do you want to take it?"

Giacomo had come here specially for Zen.

This time, the Nine Li race and the Yellow Emperor race had made a bet to determine ownership of the Sky South Bone Tower and this part of the Immemorial Wilderness.

However, while making the bet, the Yellow Emperor race had killed Chandler and Farhann of the Nine Li race.

These two men had both been powerful warriors of the younger generation of the Nine Li race. With the Nine Li race's loss of them, they would most probably now lose the bet.

Nine Li race was consumed with fury, but their opponent hadn't broken any rules. So the Nine Li race had no avenue to voice their complaints. They could only blame themselves for not having been better prepared to prevent being tricked by their opponent.

After Romeo's return to the bone tower, he had recommended Zen to Giacomo. Without any hesitation, the latter had immediately rushed to the stronghold, hoping to find out whether Zen was as magically strong as Romeo had described.

Hearing Giacomo's offer, everyone present became tense, and greed burned in their eyes.

The face of the woman in emerald also became tinged with envy. Born into a large sect in the bone tower, she had an extraordinary background, but even she was not qualified to be gifted with a set of Chiyou's blood!

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