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   Chapter 2554 Fully Loaded

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Romeo had never imagined that he could narrowly escape death. What just happened was like a nightmare!

Zen's sudden appearance had helped reverse the end result especially for him at death's door.

He was still in disbelief as he felt that he hadn't gone back yet on his senses.

"Thank you!" Romeo faced Zen as he earnestly cupped his hands. "I, Romeo, will never forget that you have saved my life."

Zen only smiled faintly and uttered, "Even if I didn't make a move, after killing you, they would still come to kill me. It would count as I'm also saving myself. Don't take it to heart."

Romeo shook his head and said, "It's different! Without you, I couldn't have killed them."

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

Sarah, Amos and Hiram immediately turned back to their original figure and rushed straight over.

"Sir, are you okay? You have defeated three Yellow Emperor members all by yourself. I bet that among the young generation of the Nine Li race, no one can defeat you... " Amos praised Romeo with a flattering expression on his face.

In his eyes, Romeo was a nobleman who was beyond his reach.

Going through the crisis together, he naturally would seize this opportunity to play up to Romeo. He was expecting that he might get the chance to enter a bone tower and even join the Nine Li race in the future!

Sarah and Hiram on the side both frowned upon hearing Amos' flattering words towards Romeo.

Anyone who wasn't blind could see and understand that the one who played the key role in winning the battle was Zen.

If it weren't for Zen's powerful soul attack, every single one of them would have turned into corpses, including Romeo.

Amos was the blind one, shamelessly talking nonsense just to flatter Romeo.

Romeo glanced at him indifferently. These Wild Gods were nothing important in his eyes, and he felt that this Amos was more like a clown.

In the midst of their fight, he had seen that Sarah and Hiram were the ones who had gone all out to fight back, but Amos was just standing far away. Obviously, he had no intention of taking action.

He had no expectations that these Wild Gods would save him. After all, they had Admission Tokens and their purpose of coming here was to collect wild bones, and they didn't have the obligation to save anyone from the Nine Li race. But deep in his heart, he had no good impression of this guy who did nothing but brazenly cosied up to him.

Romeo just glanced at him but didn't respond. As the core disciple of the Nine Li race, he was clear about the secret of the bone towers.

There were so many Wild Gods in this world. After


Among the four people, only Amos was depressed. Zen, Sarah and Hiram weren't much affected and began to busy themselves digging for wild bones.

The Admission Tokens issued by the Nine Li race had a time limit. They were only given a time limit of eighteen days with the Admission Tokens they had.

On the first day, Zen collected about ten thousand wild bones, and had also dug out two wild bones with Chiyou's bloodline. Much more that in the following days, he was still fortunate to have good luck on his side.

On the second day, although he didn't get any blood wild bone, he dug out a big wild bone which was over twenty feet tall! Sarah was green with envy with the turn of events.

On the third day, Zen dug out three blood wild bones. The three blood wild bones, however, were not the blood wild bones with Chiyou's bloodline.

The following days, collecting the wild bones had gone smoothly without distractions. Perhaps it was because the Yellow Emperor race was busily planning on seizing the Sky South Bone Tower, the Immemorial Wilderness was very peaceful during this period of time.

Eighteen days were already up. Zen had accumulated nearly two hundred thousand wild bones. In addition to that, he also obtained seven or eight kinds of blood wild bones, the total number of which added up to dozens.

Despite the total number of wild bones he got, he was a little upset that there were only four blood wild bones that contained Chiyou's bloodline.

At the same time, Sarah and Hiram had returned back fully loaded. But for Amos, perhaps he felt unhappy by not receiving the same treatment as the other three had, so he was depressed the whole time, making him leave the Immemorial Wilderness ahead of time.

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