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   Chapter 2553 Cooperation

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Facing the overwhelming forces in the attack of both the middle-aged man and Tyreke of the Yellow Emperor race, Romeo was left with no choice but to retreat.


Rallying the golden glow on the surface of his body, the middle-aged man delivered a stunning series of punches to Romeo's head.

"Bang, Bang, Bang..."

Romeo staggered back seven or eight steps in the onslaught, and with every step he took, a huge crater formed in the ground. The Immemorial Wilderness began to shake violently as cataclysmic forces were at work.

As soon as he had balanced his body, Tyreke charged in closely behind.

Fortunately, Romeo had four hands. He clasped the bamboo sword in one hand and swung it with tremendous force.

An emerald green sword radiance spewed forth to block Tyreke.

Tyreke knew fear at the sight of this emerald green sword light. This was probably the only force that could penetrate the Yellow Emperor Wild Body, so he tried his best to avoid it.

However, just as Tyreke was forced to back off, the middle-aged man stepped up again. As the two tag-teamed in attacking Romeo, he almost had no way to fight back and could only defend himself desperately.

He didn't even have a spare moment to glance at the battle that Zen was embroiled in.

Just now, Zen had used the soul attack to disrupt Bilaal's soul, which gave Romeo a glimmer of hope.

It was a pity that the combined strength of the other two Wild Gods had proven too weak. They were unable to even dent Bilaal's Yellow Emperor Wild Body. His only glimmer of hope died in the instant that it had been ignited.

When Bilaal finished off those Wild Gods and joined forces with the middle-aged man and Tyreke to attack him, he would surely perish today.

Thinking of this, Romeo felt a pang of sorrow in his heart.

He was unwilling to face death here in this Immemorial Wilderness. If he could only get some more blood wild bones, then he could even have a chance to become the top warrior among the younger generation!

As despair set in, even his fighting spirit gradually began to weaken...

Seeing the middle-aged man rush at him again, he even had a brief urge to simply give up resistance.

Just then, a voice delivered by chaotic energy echoed into his ears again. "Romeo! I'll disturb these two's minds, and you take the chance to vanquish them!"


Romeo's eyes flashed in surprise as he looked over and saw Zen who was several thousand feet away.

Zen still hadn't activated the Wild God Power. He hovered in the air like a small mosquito. He was utterly inconspicuous, but in Romeo's eyes, he had become a life-saving straw!



As long as he could kill this guy, Romeo would still be no match for him!

He took a step to the right, and his mammoth sized body rolled in the air, heading straight for Zen.

"Watch out!"

Romeo called a warning to Zen as he saw the middle aged man's plan.

Zen floated serenely in the air and watched the middle-aged man's more than ten thousand feet tall body turn on him. It was like watching a huge mountain turning over.

However, Zen didn't look panicked at all. As the light of the Shadow Bearing Sword flashed again, a smile lit up his face.


The middle-aged man was once more hit by Zen's soul attack.

In agony, he lost his balance and fell heavily on the ground.

Romeo had gone through many battles, and there was no way that he would let such a good opportunity to kill his enemy slip by.

He launched upward, and clasped his sword with both hands, prepared to strike. Before the middle-aged man once more regained his consciousness, the bamboo sword in Romeo's hand had struck down at the middle-aged man's head.


The bamboo sword instantly nailed the middle-aged man's head to the ground, cracking it open like a melon.

The middle-aged man's body struggled reflexively and then finally stopped twitching.

Romeo clutched the bamboo sword tightly, ready for more actions as the adrenalin coursed in his body, and he was still a little nervous.

After the middle-aged man's body sagged under its own weight, and it was clear that he had died, the Wild God Power in his body began to dissipate, and his mountainous body began to rapidly shrink.

Romeo pulled his sword free. His face bubbled with joy as he thought of how narrowly he had escaped from death. He looked over at Zen, who floated not far away.

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