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   Chapter 2552 Take Action In Person

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Hiram, Sarah, and Amos could change into eight thousand feet tall giants and were regarded as mid-rank Wild Gods.

However, there was a huge difference between their strength and that of a Wild God with a bloodline.

They would be the ones to get killed.

Hiram was considered a brave warrior. He clenched his teeth and held onto his rake, standing still despite the oncoming attack of Bilaal from the Yellow Emperor race.

Amos looked as if he was prepared to fight to the death, but he actually kept a safe distance and was always prepared to turn tail if things went south.

Hiram didn't think much after hearing Zen's words. He opened his mouth and let out a roar, activating the Wild God Power in his body as he jumped up and slashed his rake towards Bilaal.

At the same time, Sarah's figure flashed past the other side, armed with a short sword.

Despite her weapon being a short sword, it should be considered that the one who wielded it was about eight thousand feet tall which made the sword more than a thousand feet long.

"Are you guys seriously resisting? Ha-ha!" Bilaal mocked.

The Yellow Emperor race regarded these Wild Gods as mere target practice. Bilaal thought of them as nothing more than dirt so he didn't really take them seriously.

His entire body flashed with golden light and he stretched out his thick, right hand to directly snatch Hiram's rake.

Zen's eyes flashed.

"Frenzy of Goodwill and Malice!"

As he shouted, his strong soul force activated the Shadow Bearing Sword. This soul attack with the Truth of Godly Way rushed towards Bilaal.


Bilaal felt as if his head had been hit by a heavy hammer and was immediately dazed.

He was totally confused and ended up standing in place like a fool.

"I'll hit you to death!"

Hiram knew he had to take advantage of this and tried to also hit Bilaal. He didn't know how Zen did it but knew it was his opening.

The huge rake came smashing down towards Bilaal.


The rake came crashing down on Bilaal's head with a crisp sound.

They saw how the go

He didn't really want to use the Ways-blending Strike in front of others which was the main reason why he hoped Hiram and Sarah could've been enough to help him kill Bilaal.

However, he didn't expect the gap between ordinary Wild Gods and a Wild God with a bloodline to be so big. Bilaal was already just standing there yet the two of them could do nothing. Zen had no choice but to intervene.

Noticing that the hand that grabbed her neck lost its strength, Sarah immediately struggled and threw Bilaal's arm off her. She retreated a few steps back and stared at her foe.

Hiram and Amos were also stunned.

Not long after, blood spilled out of Bilaal's neck. His huge head began to tilt until it eventually fell off cleanly from his torso. Only then did they realize that Zen had succeeded in what they failed to do. He didn't even turn into the form of a Wild God!

"Well, that guy doesn't depend on the Wild God Power at all," Hiram remarked excitedly.

Sarah was calmer now and couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief. She looked at Zen with complex emotions. "I haven't heard of a True God that possesses such powerful strength!"

Amos couldn't help but gasp in surprise. It was only then that he realized that Zen stabbed the sword into his neck not because of his carelessness.

It was only because Zen showed him mercy that he was still alive and breathing.

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