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   Chapter 2551 Ignored

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This wasn't the first time Zen had seen something with three heads and six arms.

The shadow formed by the stream of brown Wild God Power was obscure but Zen was certain that this wild bone contained Chiyou's bloodline.

Finding this wild bone was a good thing but Zen still had some concerns.

Back in the Evolutionary Universe, he changed his blood in order to avoid being punished by the Ruling Slate. He didn't know if doing so would also affect his absorption of the blood wild bone's power.

The only way to find out was to give it a try.

It was not suitable to refine the Wild God Power in the Immemorial Wilderness so Zen had to put away this blood wild bone in his space ring for the meantime.

At that moment, he heard a clamor of footsteps approaching.

Zen jumped from the hole and saw smoke billowing in the distance. At the same time, he saw countless Wights running away from the smoke.

These Wights were on all-fours and were currently rushing towards Zen at a surprisingly fast rate.

"These Wights... Are they crazy?"

Sarah exclaimed, her face filled with astonishment as she watched this scene.

The Wild Gods who often explored the Immemorial Wilderness knew of the large number of Wights that resided here.

Once, the entire population of Wights was wiped out by a great force. Not long after, a large number of Wights appeared in the Immemorial Wilderness all over again. There was simply no way of getting rid of them.

The strangest thing was that nobody knew where these Wights came from.

Fortunately, the strength of these creatures was ordinary and not much of a threat against the Wild Gods.

However, seeing them rush over in such large numbers was strange. Something must be wrong.

"Get out of here, all of you!" Hiram shouted, waving his thousand-foot-long rake.


The rake hit hundreds of Wights, turning them into broken corpses.

This bloody scene made Zen frown.

He did not feel any ill intent from these Wights. On the contrary, it seemed as if they were merely escaping from something.

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, a figure, ten thousand feet long, appeared in the smoke. The figure moved across the smoke and fell towards Zen.

It was a huge giant, equivalent to a h

going to go all out to fight for their lives.

Zen still hadn't activated his Wild God Power. He, instead, used chaotic energy to send Romeo, Sarah, Hiram, and Amos a voice message. "Romeo, try to delay those two men while I suppress Bilaal with soul force. The rest of you, work together and kill him. As long as we eliminate one of them, everything will be easier."

A strange expression appeared on everyone's face when they heard Zen's voice.

Most of the warriors in this world mainly cultivated Wild God Power, largely because of the environment they were in.

Because of this, all Wild Gods had one shortcoming: their souls weren't strong enough.

Fortunately, everyone's soul was about at the same level so it wasn't a determining factor in fighting against their opponents.

When Zen told them that he intended to suppress Bilaal with his soul force, they couldn't believe their ears.

However, there was no time to think about it.

The middle-aged man and Tyreke were already rushing towards Romeo. Without so much as a thought, Romeo chose to retreat.

At the same time, Bilaal also rushed towards Hiram like a strong beast, face red with excitement.

Zen, who still hadn't activated his Wild God Power, was ignored by Bilaal as if he was a mere mosquito.

Taking advantage of this, Zen flew high up into the air. He narrowed his eyes and two rays of light on the Shadow Bearing Sword began to flash. He sent a message through his chaotic energy once again. "Now is the time. Attack!"

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