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   Chapter 2550 A Plot

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As Romeo lost himself in his thoughts, a small black dot suddenly flew in front of him.

The black dot grew bigger as it approached him. When it got closer, it turned into a giant over ten thousand feet in height.

This giant's Wild God Power was incomparably pure, and his body shone with a faint, golden light.

"The Wild Body of the Yellow Emperor."

At that moment, Romeo increased his guard. He held the bamboo sword in one hand and slightly leaned forward, prepared to attack at any time.

A layer of light golden color would wash over the bodies of the Wild Gods from the Yellow Emperor race when their blood was activated.

Thus, Romeo thought that the one who arrived must have the blood of the Yellow Emperor race.

"You've killed eight Wild Gods in an instant. You really are worthy of your reputation as a new talent of the Nine Li race." The man from the Yellow Emperor race laughed.

"If you want to challenge me, so be it. Why did you send your useless followers to fight me?" Romeo snorted.

The man's lips curved up into a grin. "I just wanted you to warm up.

Since I let you in, of course I won't let you leave the Immemorial Wilderness!" "What do you mean?" Romeo asked as his face darkened.

It was true that the Nine Li race and the Yellow Emperor race had been fighting fiercely in the Immemorial Wilderness.

The only thing was, most of those who had died were the outsiders who came to collect wild bones. It didn't matter if they received the Admission Tokens of the Nine Li race or the Yellow Emperor race, because the core disciples of the two races eventually killed them as they were just collateral damage from the core disciples' cultivation.

The core disciples of the two races, however, rarely fought in real fights. They even deliberately avoided too many conflicts.

After all, most of the core disciples were cultivated by consuming a great amount of blood wild bones. The death of any core disciple would bring a great loss.

Just then, Romeo had a bad feeling about the man's words.

On the other hand, the man thought that Romeo wouldn't be able to live anymore. "It's very simple. We've been fighting for the Sky South Bone Tower so long.

It's time for our race to settle in," he said with a chuckle. "You think you can settle in if you

nes in this way was countless times higher. Just by absorbing more than 30, 000 wild bones alone would be able to increase his body to a thousand feet high.

What if he came to collect wild bones for a month?

When Zen released his spiritual sense again, he felt something different and his heart beat slightly faster.


He had clearly sensed that a wild bone underneath the ground gave off a special kind of power.

"It's a blood wild bone!"

He had seen a blood wild bone before and knew that the auras of different blood wild bones were different.


He wasted no time and his body began to dig down in a flash.

The blood wild bone wasn't buried too deep. It was only about twenty feet underground.

It wasn't long before he was twenty feet deep. He carefully removed the skeletons and pulled out a piece of brown wild bone.

"The aura of this wild bone..."

The moment he touched it, he was hit with something familiar.

"Does it have Chiyou's blood?" he muttered. The mere thought of it quickly made him excited.

He had Chiyou's blood, but there were too few blood wild bones in the world. He didn't get the second one after he dug out one blood wild bone, let alone the one with Chiyou's blood.

Despite being thrilled for words, he gently moved his hand along the surface of the wild bone and used his spiritual sense to draw out a wisp of the Wild God Power.


In turn, the wisp of the brown Wild God Power quietly transformed into the shape of three heads and six arms.

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