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   Chapter 2549 Romeo's Strength

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The sound of shoe soles roughly scraping the ground filled the area as the four of them had run for more than 300 miles in the wilderness, then they came to a halt.

"This is the place," said Sarah with a smile. "This area should be the place with the most abundant wild bones in the Immemorial Wilderness."

At that moment, the squirrel on Amos' shoulder let out a squeak.

Perhaps, it might've sensed the rich Wild God Power in the place.

In turn, Amos vigilantly scanned the whole place and said, "There are indeed a lot of wild bones here, but it's not safe here."

The area in the Immemorial Wilderness where they were in wasn't really small, but it was likely that they could still encounter people from the Yellow Emperor race.

The Wild Gods who came into this area in the Immemorial Wilderness all thought that their survival was their most important priority, not the number of wild bones they could get.

After all, the Admission Tokens to enter the place were not of much value, but everyone had only one life.

"It's not a big problem. This is not the core area of the Immemorial Wilderness. I doubt that the elites of the Yellow Emperor race would take the risk and come over," said Hiram. He, too, was interested in the huge amount of wild bones in the place.

Although they were all generally cautious and careful people, it was a huge risk for them to come to this area.

"Just be quick," Sarah said with a faint smile as she looked helplessly at Zen.

Everyone had been watching Zen dig up the wild bones for most of the time, up until now.

The number of wild bones he got alone was probably more than the total number of wild bones the three of them had dug up. It was safe to say that he had a really big advantage.

Yet, he didn't know much about this part of the Immemorial Wilderness. He simply began to search for the wild bones quietly by spreading out his spiritual will like a net that covered a radius of several dozen miles.

Meanwhile, eight thousand miles away from them was Romeo of the Nine Li race who floated in the air.

He was dressed in white and his calm exterior exuded a faint aura. He looked like a man who came from the scroll.

Surrounding him were the eight Wild Gods who had grown up to eight thousand feet high.

"I'm a little surprised. When did you guys have the guts to come to this core area of the Immemorial Wilderness to dig wild bones?" Romeo asked.

It was known that this specific area in t

there--he turned around and punched two more Wild Gods. Then, he twisted his body, pulled out the bamboo sword, and slashed at them.


The green sword light swept through the space of tens of thousands of feet all around and along the necks of three Wild Gods.

Three giant heads rolled down the Wild Gods' bodies and hit the ground with a loud thud.

Romeo had brought his four arms and two heads into full play, which made it impossible for his opponents to dodge his attacks. The Wild Gods were about as huge as Romeo's form, but they actually couldn't fight back and only retreated.

In the blink of an eye, he had killed all the eight Wild Gods.

"You've overestimated yourselves!" Romeo's two heads said together.

He glanced at the eight corpses, which had now shrunken.

Yet, he also felt a little dubious. He wondered, why did the Yellow Emperor race offer such a reward for this group of trash to kill the warriors of the Nine Li race?

Are they going to wage an all-out war?

With that thought in mind, his eyes subconsciously drifted over to the tall, huge Sky South Bone Tower in the distance.

The Yellow Emperor race and the Nine Li race had been enemies for a long time. Romeo had heard from the elders of his race that even in the Source World, the two races were like water and fire as they could not tolerate each other.

Still, they lived in a world where they had to set aside their hatred in order to survive.

The fight that happened in this area in the Immemorial Wilderness was all for the Sky South Bone Tower. He wondered, was the Yellow Emperor race prepared to seize the Sky South Bone Tower?

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