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   Chapter 2548 Trouble Caused By Greed

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In Amos' eyes, it didn't matter how Zen found the wild bone—all that mattered was Zen was the one person he could bully at will.

Zen pulled out the wild bone, activating the space ring in his hand.

Then, the huge wild bone entered the Sumeru Space.

Raising his head and throwing Amos a glance at the edge of the crater, Zen flew up from the bottom.

"You're a lucky man," Amos said as he stared back.

Zen smiled faintly in return. "It's truly luck."

The latter's expression made Amos frown—was Zen merely pretending to be calm or was he merely not as simple as he first seemed?

Amos was a cruel man and after coming to the Immemorial Wilderness so often, he had already seen many people who would pretend to be fragile.

But Zen wasn't hiding his cultivation—he was indeed a newly formed Wild God without any particularly strong strength for support.

To that thought, a ferocious expression surfaced on Amos' face. "It's not about luck. I brought you here. It only makes sense that I get a share of the wild bones you dig up—such is a rule I've made."

"A rule, you say?" Zen looked at Sarah and Hiram who were standing far in the distance. "Do you mean that you also have a share in their wild bones?"

That made Amos sneer. "You're different from them. Cut the crap! Now that I know you have a wild bone, you must give me a good share!"

Sarah and Hiram were about as strong as Amos, allowing them to refuse to share anything with him.

"Really? How many do you want?" Zen raised his eyebrows mockingly.

"I'll have ninety percent and you'll have ten percent of everything. You're far too weak to be using so many wild bones, anyway—they're wasted on you," Amos said, observing Zen's expression. He figured that a scared loser like Zen wouldn't dare to disobey him in spite of his courage.

In fact, according to the Nine Li race's rule, they were prohibited from any internal killings—such an act would receive severe punishment.

But the four were completely alone in the wilderness. Who else could've known if Sarah and Hiram kept silent?

Too many people had already died there—they themselves were killed by the Yellow Emperor race and by their own companions. People murdered and were murdered every

ttack came as a surprise. Even Amos thought the same.

If Zen let go of him, Amos would activate the Wild God Power and turn into a giant up to 8, 000 feet. Then, killing Zen would be as easy as squashing an ant.

Never did he expect Zen to be such an arrogant man, void of any fear of him.


Zen's right hand suddenly shrank and the Shadow Bearing Sword was pulled from Amos' neck.

It was sharp, but it did not draw a single drop of blood.

The other touched the paper-thin scar on his neck and heaved a sigh of relief.

He gave Zen another look. Thinking of the man's warning, Amos couldn't help but shudder.

Zen was probably not as simple as he first seemed.

So then Amos decided to put up with the act to see what would happen. If he found that Zen was bluffing, then he'd make his move.

Zen, however, cared nothing about what was on Amos' mind—he wanted to dig for more wild bones instead of wasting time on Amos and the others.

Plenty of wild bones lay in the area, but Zen used his spiritual sense to search for them, pulling them to him with strength source. It was an extremely efficient method—wherever he walked, he took all the wild bones in the area for himself.

After observing him, Sarah and Hiram got a sense of what Zen was doing, making them even more curious about his origins.

In just about six hours, not many wild bones were left in the area—Zen had obtained almost every single one. Sarah then suggested they move to another spot.

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