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   Chapter 2547 Different Methods

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After giving Zen a warning, Amos started looking for wild bones.

Sarah and Hiram followed suit.

These people all had different methods when it came to searching for wild bones. While Sarah held a small, round mirror in her hand, there was a slight fluctuation of Wild God Power from it. Through the object, she could identify the general direction of the wild bones.

But the precision of such a method was undoubtedly low. Even if she managed to determine the position, it took a long time to find the actual bone.

In contrast, Hiram's method was much more violent.

He pulled out his one thousand-foot long rake from his space ring and activated the Wild God Power in his body. Then he turned into a thousand-foot tall giant.

Wielding the rake, he pressed it into the ground and continued turning over the bones in the soil.

Deep furrows appeared on the plowed ground—the rake struck the bones and they were attached to it.

It was quite an efficient way to look for wild bones.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Amos gazed at Hiram's thousand-foot long rake with admiration.

He belonged to a large sect under the command of the Nine Li race. His rake was not something any ordinary Wild God could possess.

Since the other three had already started, Zen couldn't just sit by idly.

Compared to the other warriors' skills, his only reliance was his spiritual sense.

The others were not on the same level as Zen in terms of using spiritual sense.

After choosing an area, Zen, standing above the heap of bones, bowed his head and unfocused his eyes as an invisible spiritual sense spread from his figure.

He could then spot every piece of bone within a dozen miles—he saw their shapes, sizes, and properties.

"It's... It's..."

Zen's pupils contracted as he came upon a pleasant surprise.

He had already observed the place when he flew into the air.

The Immemorial Wilderness was indeed rich with wild bones. But he wasn't expecting them to be abundant in the area Amos chose, beyond his

"What the hell is going on?" Amos muttered, staring into the pit.

Soon, he realized what was going on—a huge bone peeked out from the bottom of the pit. Zen was pulling it up himself!

The larger the bone was, the more powerful its Wild God Power was.

As soon as Amos got a glimpse of it, he felt a great Wild God Power immediately.

"This is a wild bone, about ten feet long!" Amos' eyes gleamed with shock. "How is that possible? How did he find one?"

In the Immemorial Wilderness, the bones first found were generally on the earth's surface.

Some of them were huge and some were over ten thousand, or even a hundred thousand feet long.

But the huge wild bones had long been occupied by the powerful warriors of the bone towers. It was difficult for ordinary Wild Gods to search for any of them.

There were always some sort of huge wild bones hidden deep underground, waiting to be taken away.

It was difficult for ordinary Wild Gods to find such bones with ordinary methods. Both Amos' squirrel and Sarah's bronze mirror failed to sense anything that deep underground.

It was also impossible for Hiram to plow the entire Immemorial Wilderness thoroughly enough with his rake. The wild bone was about ten feet long.

It was equal to nearly three thousand wild bones.

At the thought, greed filled Amos' eyes.

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