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   Chapter 2546 Enter The Immemorial Wilderness

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Amos looked at Zen with disdain. Turning to the woman in emerald, he asked her with bitterness in his voice, "Can I give up now?"

"Your name has been registered on the list. If you give up, you will be blacklisted and will never be allowed to enter the Immemorial Wilderness again," the woman in emerald replied softly.

Hearing this, Amos felt his heart sink in desolation.

Sarah, the young lady with a ponytail, and the man with an almost military composure, Hiram, also looked on with downcast faces.

This was a matter of life and death. Who would dare to joke about it?

However, regret was a pointless emotion. All they could do was try to make the best of the current situation.

Yet, Amos was still unwilling to give up. He turned to Zen, staring at him with a vicious expression. "Man, I am giving you a chance to get away with your life. Now, get out of here!"

If Zen quit, there would be someone else to take his place.

However, if he left, he would be blacklisted and denied the Admission Token of the Nine Li race, and he would be forever barred from the Immemorial Wilderness.

Hiram and Sarah stared at Zen, hoping that he would back down in the face of these challenges.

They had underestimated Zen's resolve, of course. Zen looked Amos square in the eyes. "Why should I quit?" he asked pointedly.

"If you don't quit, don't blame me for being rude," said Amos, a sinister expression appearing on his face. "The Immemorial Wilderness is extremely dangerous. You will die there!"

"Every time you open your mouth, rubbish comes out," Zen said flatly.

Amos opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again, at loss for words. He knew nothing he said would sway Zen. He stayed silent, glaring at him.

"Well, Amos, forget it. Even if there are only three people in our group, the problem will not be too big. At most, we will be more careful," said Sarah, her voice soothing.

With a playful smile, Hiram said, "Relax. It won't be a big deal to take a loser with us."

Eventually, the two succeeded in stopping Amos.

After the Wild Gods had been divided into groups, they rested in the hall for a while.

About an hour later, they heard some noises coming from the innermost part of the hall. Then, someone announced, "Master Romeo has arrived!"

Soon, a young man, dressed all in white, entered, escorted by a crowd of women. He walked slowly, as if


As he flew, Zen silently employed the power of his spiritual sense and sent it into the ground below him.

The moment his spiritual sense reached the ground, his eyes flashed.

He finally understood why these people were willing to risk their lives to enter the Immemorial Wilderness.

Having entered the Immemorial Wilderness himself, he sensed that hundreds of wild bones were hidden underneath the surface of the soil.

No wonder the Immemorial Wilderness of the Iron Tribe had been abandoned. Compared to this place, it was barren.

Now, Zen wanted to act on his own. Even if he picked up only the wild bones lying along the border, he would still manage to get a substantial number of them.

"There's no hurry. The deeper we go, the more wild bones there will be," said a voice in his head. Zen calmed down and continued to fly, following his group members.

After about eight miles of flight, Zen used his spiritual sense once again, this time to check if there were more wild bones under the ground. It made his heart ache to see so many go to waste.

"Right here!"


Amos abruptly stopped flying, froze in the air and then descended.

After the four of them had landed, Amos looked around and said, "Let's look for the wild bones separately. But listen: don't go too far! This is a treasure land. It is relatively safe, and the wild bones are abundant. I've found plenty of wild bones here when I came before."

With these words, he cast a sidelong glance at Zen and rolled his eyes. "If you are afraid of death, stay here and don't cause any trouble."

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