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   Chapter 2545 Grouping

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"What? We can get as many Admission Tokens as we want?" Zen asked in shock.

He spent 5, 000 wild bones in order to get his Admission Token, but it seemed he could have as many as he wanted for free here!

"The rule was revised last month though Admission Tokens were already very cheap before then," a woman with a ponytail informed him.

The Immemorial Wilderness beneath the Sky South Bone Tower was very prosperous.

Outlaws would willingly go inside, risking their necks just to collect wild bones. If they were able to come back alive, they were certain to have a great deal of wild bones with them.

After handing over a certain amount to the Nine Li race, they would still have a lot left for themselves.

Only with enough wild bones could one make rapid progress with their cultivation base.

However, things changed ever since the violent fight that transpired between the Nine Li race and the Yellow Emperor race. The Immemorial Wilderness had gotten more dangerous. Bringing wild bones back had become a matter of life and death.

The risk was high and the outlaws knew they had to prepare themselves for death once they got their Admission Tokens. Over time, fewer and fewer people entered the Immemorial Wilderness.

Prices for Admission Tokens dropped and dropped until they were declared free-for-all.

Opportunistic merchants took advantage of this. Warriors in remote cities were not necessarily aware of the Admission Tokens' loss in value and bought them from exploitative merchants at a high price.

Sand Core City was one of these remote cities, and it was in an auction house that Zen found and bought his Admission Token.

It was only then that he realized how much he wasted to buy this worthless Admission Token.

However, he shook this off.

He had more important things to do than worry about 3, 000 wild bones.

"With your cultivation base, the chances of you surviving are pretty slim. It's not too late to back out," the woman said.

Not even the real outlaws dared to bet their lives in this Immemoria

re much stronger than ordinary Wild Gods. It was much harder to kill them.

From time to time, Wild Gods with noble blood lineage would be able to slaughter a group of ordinary Wild Gods.

This was the reason why this place was so dangerous.

The steward said a few more things before she began to group them.

Four people were grouped, forming a temporary team that went in together.

She called out the names one by one and those that were clustered together began evaluating the strength of their teammates.

Everyone hoped for capable allies, and none of them wanted to carry a burden with them.

"Amos, Hiram, Sarah and, Zen, you four make a team," the woman announced.

The scarred man, the pony-tailed woman, and another burly man stepped forward.

The three of them looked around to find out the identity of their last teammate. It was then that Zen finally walked out.

The scarred man's expression changed. He didn't expect to be teamed up with the newbie.

He turned to the steward. "I don't want to be teamed-up with this guy. Can I be reassigned?"

The other Wild Gods thought the same thing and even cast a few pitiful looks at Zen's teammates.

The steward merely gave the scarred man a cold smile. "Amos, this isn't your first time here. Do you not know the rules? You can't change teammates, not even if they're good for nothing!"

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