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   Chapter 2544 A Stronghold

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In the sky, Zen flew rapidly on his own.

He had originally wanted to leave with Zelda and Luther.

Zelda, however, refused his offer.

Approaching the bone towers carelessly could only lead to them being discovered by members of the conservative faction.

Therefore, Zen had to go there alone.

The Sand Core City was just a border city and didn't have any transmission arrays.

After passing through this city, Zen would enter another part of the Immemorial Wilderness.

This part of the Immemorial Wilderness was almost the same as Zen's first one. The wild bones in it had been exhausted after being collected. It was uninhabited.

"There are so many Wights!"

Zen remarked, looking down at the thousands of Wights that galloped along the barren wilderness.

People in this world had three different origins.

One was the Warden race created by the Chaos Ancient God.

Second were the exiles who were prisoners in this huge prison.

Last were the pariahs that lived outside the bone towers. They were evolved Wights who developed intelligence and could have the qualification of entering the bone towers if they were strong enough.

"All the strong warriors in this world are afraid of the Light of Adjudication except the unintelligent Wights. Where did they exactly come from?" he mumbled to himself, remembering that he forgot to ask about these creatures' origins.

The Immemorial Wilderness was vast and boundless. It took Zen almost half-a-month to cross it despite already flying at a very high speed.

Half-a-month later, Zen finally caught sight of another city.


He unfolded a map.

Zen paid one wild bone to buy it from the Sand Core City. It was well-made and recorded the specific locations of cities and bone towers.

"The Sacred Bone City. There is a transmission array to Herren City! Herren City is also located on the same Immemorial Wilderness as the Sky South Bone Tower. This can be a shortcut!" Zen exclaimed, his eyes flashing with delight.

He put the map away and went straight to the Sacred Bone City.

Just like the Sand Core City, the Sacred Bone City was also on high alert. The guards blocked Zen's path upon sighting him.

"Friends, consider this as m

ods I fought in the Immemorial Wilderness. They also seem experienced and are absolutely resolute in killing."

Zen waited with them in front of the gate. Eventually, he couldn't help but turn to ask the man closest to him. "Why is the gate locked?"

The man had a narrow and long scar on his face. His mouth curled up at Zen's words. "What a foolish question! The gate hasn't been opened so it's locked. You just have to wait here."

"Why do I have to wait here?" Zen asked.

"Another foolish question! Aren't you here to enter the Immemorial Wilderness? How can you get in there without the Nine Li members' lead?" the man replied impatiently.

The man might have been very rude to him but Zen tried his best to be patient. "Isn't everyone with an Admission Token allowed to enter?"

"Oh my God!"

"What an ignorant boy!"

"He knows nothing at all!"

The people around him burst out laughing.

The man with the scar, however, looked curious. "How did you get the Admission Token? You know nothing at all. How did you have the guts to come here?"

"I bought it in an auction," he answered.

The people around him laughed even harder.

"So there really is someone who bought an Admission Token from an auction! How many wild bones did you spend?" the scarred man asked with a smile.

"What do you mean?" Zen asked.

"You can get as many Admission Tokens here as you like. I'm only afraid that you won't live to use it!" the man announced with a booming laugh.

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