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   Chapter 2543 The Free Faction

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The great forces and clans in the bone towers did not consider such things as secrets.

Yet, numerous pariahs in the Immemorial Wilderness, as well as the Wild Gods in the cities had no idea about it.

It wasn't until now that Zen had realized a major problem. "As you've said, the Light of Adjudication will purify the world every one thousand years. How many years are left before the next purification of the Light of Adjudication?" he asked.

Zelda blinked and calmly said, "There are still three years left."

"So that means, all the people outside of the bone towers will die if they don't make it inside the bone towers within three years?" "Yes," Zelda said and lowered her head.

"This is going to be troublesome."

At that moment, Zen's lips stretched into a wry smile. The Curse Chain had bound him and he was now stuck in this world.

He couldn't leave, let alone flee back to the divine land.

He had to go inside a bone tower if he wanted to survive.

If not even the powerful Wild Gods could resist the Light of Adjudication, then he most likely wouldn't escape from being purified as well.

"But how did you, members of the Warden race, end up here?" he asked Zelda with a frown. The Warden race, just as its name implied, was supposed to manage this huge prison.

Both Zelda and her brother, however, were extremely weak.

It simply didn't make sense.

"Because we chose to betray our race," she answered.

Since the Warden race had existed for a long time, they had a colorful history.

The Chaos Ancient God had created them and they inherited the huge prison and managed it. Moreover, they had to ensure the smooth operation of the Curse Chain and the Light of Adjudication.

All the races, with few exceptions, eventually doubted their own actions over the endless years.

After all, the Warden race managing the prison also meant that they were trapped inside it just like the exiles.

The Chaos Ancient God had also realized this problem. From time to time, he used his strong will to order the Warden race to do their duty.

Under the will of the Chaos Ancient God, the Warden race had to follow the order to guard the priso

e looked too wise for his young age.

Luther couldn't become a Wild God, while Zelda's strength was weak.

Although she had been cultivating hard, there were too few resources. Furthermore, her cultivation level increased rather slowly because she didn't dare to enter the cities.

Now, the conservative faction only needed to ensure that the two of them couldn't enter any bone tower.

Three years later, all the creatures outside the bone towers would be purified except the exiles in the bone towers. Zelda and Luther undoubtedly wouldn't be able to escape either, so there was no need to worry about the future.

"I see. You want me to enter a bone tower and join the exiles inside?" Zen asked.

"Yes. I don't know where you're from, but you're bound by the Curse Chain. No matter how outstanding your talent or cultivation level is, you won't be able to escape the prison. I believe you'll make the right choice," Zelda encouraged.

"But it seems that I have no choice," Zen sighed and smiled tiredly. Zelda burst into laughter as well at his words.

The two siblings had stayed in the Iron Tribe for a very long time and were very careful not to cause any trouble.

This time, however, they were determined to go all out.

So they revealed almost all of their secrets to Zen, a young man from nowhere.

Then again, they had no choice. This was their last chance. As for Zen, he had truly won their trust with his performance.

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