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   Chapter 2542 The Warden Race

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At first, Zen thought that there wasn't anything special about Luther except for the fact that he was smart.

Yet, Luther had fully mastered the cultivation method for life vitality that Zen had taught him. In fact, he could be ranked as a talent if he was in the divine land.

All in all, Zen didn't expect that Luther could have such a power.

Luther crossed his hands together and slowly separated them. Then, he put his index fingers and thumbs together.

A flash of unique energy burst out between his four fingers, which turned into a faint brown light curtain.

He looked through the light curtain with a faint smile on his face and said, "Of course you are bound by the Curse Chain as well."

In turn, Zen's eyebrows shot up as he moved forward and looked through Luther's hands.

Upon first glance, everything remained the same through the light curtain.

Just then, he noticed that there was something behind him. He looked at it more closely and soon enough, recognized it. His eyes lit up in surprise. "Is it the Curse Chain?"

The Curse Chain was composed of golden button-sized bugs.

The bugs' heads and tails each had a hook on them, which were connected to each other and formed a chain.

Zen wasn't the only one who owned the chain. Luther and Zelda also had it.

"How could this be?"

He had only been in the world he was now in for a short time, so he didn't know when the chain had bound him up.

Meanwhile, Luther went to the door of the thatched hut. He aimed his hands at the distance and told Zen, "Take a look again."

Zen looked into the distance through the light curtain again as instructed.

There, he saw millions of intertwined chains that swayed in the air and were scattered all the way to the distance.

"Every living being in this world has a chain like this, and you are no exception," Luther said flatly.

"Even the most powerful Wild Gods in this world can't get rid of these chains. They can only hide in the bone towers when the Light of Adjudication comes," Zelda added.

A bitter frown made its way to Zen's face.

He wanted to return to the divine land a

e at all even when the huge dead body just came down.

After a few cycles of reincarnation however, some living creatures had discovered its use.

Those exiles were very clever. They hid in the dead body to avoid the purification of the Light of Adjudication for numerous cycles of reincarnation, and then eventually developed.

As more and more exiles came, the prison gradually became prosperous.

At the beginning, the exiles were all united and did not have any conflicts--after all, survival in the prison was more important than anything else.

All was well until the dead Chaos Ancient God's skeleton had begun to decompose with the passage of time, and the life energy contained within the skeleton had also flowed away. Only his bones that towered into the clouds were left behind, which were now the bone towers.

After that, the exiles constantly moved from place to place like nomads, but in the end, they could only hide inside the bone towers.

As time passed by, the living creatures in the chaos increased in number. In addition, the strong warriors became incomparably powerful because they took advantage of the wild bones. They began to fight for the bone towers because only the bone towers could protect their lives.

Consequently, the wars broke out among the clans as well because they wanted to occupy the bone towers and seize the wild bones.

The long fight lasted until today.

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