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   Chapter 2541 The Curse Chain

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In the Iron Tribe...

Staring at Zen with mixed emotions, Zelda couldn't help feeling embarrassed. "Congratulations! It's only been a month but see how far you've come. You've already cultivated to such level."

Clearly, the five hundred wild bones that Zen gave Zelda also improved her cultivation by leaps and bounds during this period of time.

However, her utilization rate of the wild bones appeared to be far less than that of Zen's. Her absorbing five hundred wild bones would have been equivalent to Zen absorbing about a hundred and seventy, but getting the exact same effect.

Zelda could only grow up to two hundred-odd feet, but Zen already surpassed her as he could turn to a six hundred feet high Wild God.

How could she not be jealous of his fast improvement? Giving out a silent sigh, Zelda finally looked away.

"I think I was just lucky. If I didn't get that blood wild bone, I wouldn't have cultivated so fast." Zen smiled lightly, glancing back at her.

"You're so modest. Having luck on your side can also be an advantage," Zelda said with a determined look in her eyes, and then she asked, "Before you leave, can I ask you a favor?"

Looking at Zelda's face, Zen asked noncommittally, "What is it?"

He knew that Zelda's and Luther's background might be more complicated than he could imagine, but he did not have much time to care about such things right now.

"First, can you promise me that you will definitely help me?" Zelda asked with a sly smile.

"No," Zen refused without hesitation.

Zelda pursed her lips, probably anticipating Zen's answer even before he said it out loud. After a moment, she finally said, "But I think this will be a great opportunity for you. It can even help you escape the Light of Adjudication."

"Light of Adjudication?" Zen repeated. It was the first time that he had heard of that term. "What's that?" Zen asked curiously, looking back at her.

Zelda shook her head at his ignorance. "Now I really suspect that you're not from this world. It's so strange that you didn't even know about the Light of Adjudication."

Zen shrugged. He knew for a fact that he was indeed from another world, so he didn't defend himself.

"In this world, everyone is striving to enter the bone towers. Do you want to know why every force and every clan in this land want to occupy the bone towers?" Zelda asked, lowering down her volume as if it was a secret she was imparting.

Staring at her, Zen shook his head again.

"Because the Wild Gods o

re out how numerous pariahs could be born in the next incarnation.

"Have you ever seen the Wights crawling in the Immemorial Wilderness?" Zelda asked.

"You mean..." Zen had a speculation in his mind.

Zelda nodded. "Yes. All of the pariahs are developed from those Wights when they gain wisdom. Those Wights won't be killed by the Light of Adjudication."

In this world, the Wights were like zombies.

After the Light of Adjudication wiped out all the pariahs, a new group of Wights would gain wisdom and become the new pariahs.

A small number of these pariahs had strong talent, or sometimes, their children had good talent. If they were lucky, these talents might be able to attract the attention of some great forces, making them qualified to enter the bone towers. And the most important of it all, they would be able to extend their lives and escape the limitation of a thousand years' lifespan.

Hearing such a secret, Zen was dumbfounded. He didn't expect that the world was far more complicated than he had imagined.

By comparison, this place was countless times more cruel than the divine land.

"As for the Curse Chain, there are no more than thirty people in this world who could see it." Blinking her eyes, Zelda looked at Luther, who was a few feet away from where they were. "My brother is one of them."

Curling his lips, Luther asked, "Do you want to see it? I can help you."

Somehow, an ominous premonition arose from Zen's heart. "Am I also bound by the Curse Chain?" he immediately asked.

He was not from this world, so logically he wouldn't be bound by the Curse Chain, but this was a strange world and everything was possible.

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