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   Chapter 2540 The Giant's Power

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Zen had nothing to hide from Zelda.

As he reached out his hand, a jade token appeared in it.

"I got an Admission Token from the auction," Zen said quietly.

"An Admission Token? How is that possible?" A light flashed in Zelda's eyes.

Only the powerful forces had the authority to give out the Admission Tokens. It was not a task to be taken lightly, and thus it was entrusted only to those at the very top. These forces could obtain the fertile parts of the Immemorial Wilderness.

In addition, just one Admission Token could bring the owner a very large profit, so the price was terribly high. One could often be sold for the price of hundreds of thousands of wild bones.

Although Zen's blood wild bone turned out to be quite valuable, it was not even near valuable enough to be able to exchange it for an Admission Token.

However, Zelda only remained surprised for a moment. Staring at the Admission Token, she asked, "What are you going to do with it?"

"I am going to the part of Immemorial Wilderness beneath the Sky South Bone Tower," Zen replied.

"That place!" Zelda's frown deepened. "Do you not know the current situation in that part of the Immemorial Wilderness?" she asked, her voice apprehensive.

"Yes," Zen nodded. "I have been told about it."

"Then why are you going there?" Zelda exclaimed, puzzled. "If a person like you enters that place, you will be killed immediately, either by the Nine Li race or by the Yellow Emperor race!" she continued.

Zen's face remained serene.

As soon as that place was brought up, silence shrouded the auction house like an oppressive mist. Obviously, everyone wanted to avoid it. The risk was too great.

Now that Zen had left the divine land, he knew nothing about the situation there, even though he wanted to know.

In the face of such an opportunity, he was willing to take the risk.

Most importantly, there was Chiyou's blood in that part of the Immemorial Wilderness, and he wanted to find out more about their background.

"I must go," Zen replied firmly.

Seeing Zen's expression, Zelda knew she couldn't persuade him otherwise. She knew that a man like Zen wouldn't change his mind once he had set his heart on something.

Zen gave five hundred wild bones to Zelda, and then he began to refine the rest of them, working quickly, absorbing the Wil

of the Iron Tribe did not even come to the top of his ankles.

As for Zelda and Luther, they seemed as small as ants!

"The power..."

The Wild God Power stirred in his body and he had a sudden urge to eject it.

"Bang, bang, bang..."

Zen took a huge step forward.

With each step, a crater formed in the ground.

After taking just about dozens of steps forward, Zen had walked far away from the tribe and reached the Immemorial Wilderness.

"The power..." he continued to muse, mesmerized.

Zen abruptly raised his hands, bent down and hit the ground.


An immense force exited in his body, forming a faint wave in the air, which spread out, like ripples on a lake.


With this wave, the ground within a dozen mile radius of him began to shake violently. He had triggered a small earthquake just with a clap of his hands!

"Now I know the Wild God Power can't be compared with my strength source. But it's rising fast. I'm only six hundred feet high. How powerful will it be if I become a giant a thousand miles high?"

After a period of learning to control his newfound powers, Zen understood that the speed of cultivating the Wild God system depended on the quantity of the wild bones.

Moreover, Zen's body was special enough to have the capacity to absorb all of the Wild God Power in a bone.

If he managed to find enough wild bones, his strength would grow faster still. He would become invincible.

"It's time to leave..."

With this thought, Zen shrank his body back, and returned to the Iron Tribe.

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