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   Chapter 2539 Clean Up

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After Zelda escaped to the Iron Tribe and managed to hide her identity, she smoothly took Luther there.

For Luther's sake, a lot of masters sacrificed themselves.

It wasn't within Zelda's expectations that Luther would be killed by these pariahs.

She couldn't accept it.

Even when she struggled, a powerful force crushed on her chest and firmly nailed her huge body to the ground.

"I gave you a chance," the Wild God said with his lips pulled in a hideous smile.

With every word he spoke, his palm tightened to crush Luther into a pool of blood.

In that moment, a figure flew over from the side of the Wild God.


The sharp light of a silver sword flashed in everyone's eyes in an instant.

A thin line appeared on the arm that held Luther and half of it dropped to the ground.


Luther had accepted the situation and had already closed his eyes to wait for his death.

The giant hand that held him loosened its grip and his eyes snapped open when he fell with it.


Luther's eyes flashed.

Zelda grinned wide.

Right at the critical moment, the bizarre stranger actually came back.

"Who are you?!" the Wild God roared furiously as he clutched the stump of his arm.

The question made Zen's lips twitch as he hovered in the air. He didn't answer the question and turned into a flash of light again and shot over.

Since he already had an initial understanding of this world, Zen could now predict the consequences of his actions.

These were just Wild Gods who relied on the tribe to cultivate and they had no foundation. Killing them wouldn't bring any trouble.

Even if Zen didn't know much about Zelda and Luther, they were the first people he met in this world, and so he trusted them. In order to save Luther, he naturally wouldn't show any mercy.


When another Wild God saw Zen transform into a beam of light that was incredibly fast and rushed over, he suddenly stretched out a big hand and plucked up Zen.

"How dare you be so

hirty was a huge number of wild bones for Zen in the past.

But now, Zen had over ten thousand wild bones so he didn't care about Zelda's wild bones.

When Zelda noticed Zen's calm expression, she asked, "Have you sold the blood wild bone?"


It worried Zelda for Zen to sell the blood wild bone in the Sand Core City. The Falcon Caravan was just a small force in the city but it was still a giant monster that they didn't dare to provoke. If the whole process didn't go well, Zen probably wouldn't be able to return. She didn't expect that the blood wild bone would be auctioned off so smoothly.

"How much was it?"

It hit Zelda that the blood wild bone must be auctioned off at a high price and so her voice became a little excited.

"Thirteen thousand."

"Thirteen thousand? What a large sum!"

Zelda covered her mouth with her hand.

It was a puny number of wild bones in her previous clan.

But in this barren area of the Immemorial Wilderness, it was definitely a lot!

"I'll leave five hundred wild bones to you. After I refine and absorb the rest, I'll leave." Zen smiled softly.

It was thanks to Zelda that he got to know this world and so he'd give her the wild bones as a gift.

"You'll leave? Where do you want to go?"

Zelda appreciated the gift but she was more concerned about Zen's destination.

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