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   Chapter 2538 Conflict Between The Tribes

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Every centimeter of the Immemorial Wilderness was considered a vast gold mine.

Of course, these gold mines were reigned by the strong warriors.

A few of the big clans with noble bloodlines occupied many sections of Immemorial Wilderness with their powerful strength. By means of the numerous wild bones of the Immemorial Wilderness, they raised their own children here in order to make their clans the strongest and most prosperous.

And that was how the world developed.

As for the Immemorial Wilderness located beneath the Sky South Bone Tower, due to both the Nine Li race and the Yellow Emperor race, no part had been capable of claiming it.

Up until now, the two clans had been fighting in that part of the Immemorial Wilderness incessantly.

However, after so many years of constant combat, the two clans felt that the struggle had become meaningless. Still though, neither of them were willing to give up the Immemorial Wilderness territory.

For this reason, the two great clans created plenty of 'Admission Tokens' in order to attract a few outsiders. The objective was to have them enter the place and collect the wild bones.

In the process of collecting wild bones, it could only be expected that violent conflicts would naturally erupt!

Countless Wild Gods had died during such ferocious conflicts.

However, they all knew that the greater the risk was, the greater the profit would be. Their reward was worth putting their lives on the line.

Many people were clear on the fact that obtaining an Admission Token such as this was easy. It was actually entering it that requested them to risk their lives.

The old man at the auction house had just recently set the floor price of the Admission Token at five thousand wild bones. His reasoning was obvious.

"One token only costs five thousand wild bones. Is anyone going to bid?" asked the old man, as casually as he could.

No one responded. The room fell silent.

The Admission Token costs five thousand wild bones, and it wasn't necessarily expensive, but the Wild Gods were hesitant about risking their lives just to enter that part of the Immemorial Wilderness.

Of course, if they could survive, they'd benefit from a huge profit. That said, the Wild Gods present just didn't have the courage and guts needed to take that kind of risk.

"Five thousand wild bones, calling twice. Do we have an offer yet?" the old man asked anew. Disappointment was starting to spread across his face.

"Five thousand wild bones, for the third time..." He cleared his throat.

If no one was willing to bid on it, the Immemorial Wilderness Admi

n if the tribe is ultimately destroyed. You can take your brother to our Macon Tribe, instead," the Wild God in the lead shouted loudly.

The Macon Tribe was located to the south of the Iron Tribe. It was also a very simple and backward tribe. The tribe members also lived in the edge of the Immemorial Wilderness for the search of wild bones.

The two tribes were extremely poor. Despite that, their only mission was to fight for the remaining wild bones.

The Macon Tribe was slightly stronger than the Iron Tribe. Had it not been for Zelda, in fact, the Iron Tribe might have actually been conquered by the Macon Tribe.

Zelda didn't expect the Macon Tribe to hire two more powerful warriors to fight against her, forcing her out of the Iron Tribe.

Zelda and Luther had been living in seclusion in the Iron Tribe for quite some time now. If they were to leave at their own will, they would very likely be exposed. It was only normal that they weren't really willing to leave.

During the battle, it was Zelda who was at a clear disadvantage.


Before Zelda could stand firm on her own two feet again, the two Wild Gods were already right in front of her, and one of them kicked her straight in the abdomen.


Zelda stumbled and fell backwards. Her tall body, which reached high into the sky, smashed into the Iron Tribe, destroying a large area of the thatched hut.

"You are so stubborn and stupid. It seems that my only choice is to kill both of you!" the Wild God in the lead said, as he stepped onto Zelda's chest.

Simultaneously, he raised his right hand. In his palm, one could see Zelda's brother, Luther, struggling desperately.

As she saw what was going on, Zelda's heart quickly filled with despair.

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