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   Chapter 2537 Admission Token

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The old man's opening remarks finished signifying the start of the auction.

The weapon refining in this world was not very advanced. The first treasure presented was a red flame saber, the second treasure was a black long sword, and the third...

For every treasure shown, it would eventually cause a burst of surprise.

However, they were of no interest to Zen.

The weapons were far from being as good as the weapons of the divine land. Though some weapons might have fused the chaotic energy, the weapon refining methods used to forge these weapons were too inferior to make them qualified to be called supreme chaotic weapons.

Nevertheless, such low-level weapons still attracted many people to compete for them.

The auction was in an uproar selling about twenty weapons, until it reached the crucial time.

The old man cleared his throat and announced, "The following items will be the finales of this auction. For the first item, we have received it not long ago!"

All the people in the auction were holding their breath.

The old man clapped his hands and two strong men walked out from the back hall carrying a stretcher.

The stretcher was covered by a thick piece of cloth. Then from underneath, a wild and aggressive aura leaked out.

Zen smiled as he saw the cloth. It was the blood wild bone he was going to auction.

The two strong men put down the stretcher, and the old man gently held a part of the cloth as he suddenly lifted it off. He followed with another announcement, "The first most important treasure is a blood wild bone!"

The moment the blood wild bone as tall as a person appeared in front of the crowd, they immediately let out a cry.

"Such a huge piece of blood wild bone?"

"Whose blood is in this wild bone?"

"How could the owner find such a big piece now? That person must have taken a huge risk..."

Everyone in the auction hall went into a frenzied uproar. The atmosphere fired up.

The blood wild bones were much rarer than the ordinary wild bones, and a blood wild bone with such a huge size was most especially rare.

The old man observed everyone's reaction in silence. He gently gave a pat on the blood wild bone then a stream of Wild God Power had been drawn out.


The Wild God Power swept through the air and then turned into a blood red wolf shadow.

"Spirit Wolf God!"

"I was wondering just now if th


It was a rare occasion that today, an Admission Token actually appeared in the auction house of Sand Core City. Everyone present gasped, holding their breaths.

"Why is there an Admission Token for auction?"

"If I have an Admission Token, I will dig the wild bones myself. Who would be willing to sell such thing out..."

"It must be fake, right?"

Doubt filled everyone's speculation. It seemed illogical for an Admission Token to appear here.

The old man had already anticipated that the token would cause a debate. He smiled and said, "This Admission Token is genuine, and the starting bid of this Admission Token is only five thousand wild bones!"

His next words once again gave everyone a start.

If the Admission Token was indeed real, anyone who got it would surely make a good deal.

"However, this Admission Token is the pass to enter the place beneath the Sky South Bone Tower." He continued to explain, "I'm sure some people know why the Admission Token is so cheap."

"The Immemorial Wilderness beneath the Sky South Bone Tower..."

"No wonder..."

"The Nine Li race and the Yellow Emperor race have been fighting there for countless years. No one knew how many people have died in that Immemorial Wilderness. Of course this Admission Token doesn't worth much!"

"Five thousand wild bones? Even if anyone gives me five thousand wild bones, I won't go there!"

For those who knew the origin of the Admission Token, they naturally backed off.

Zen, who had been silently listening to their words, suddenly had a strange light that flashed in his eyes.

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