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   Chapter 2536 An Auction

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The blood wild bone required inheritance.

The unimaginably enormous bone towers at the bottom of the chaos almost fully belonged to the clans that had the same blood as that contained in the bones.

As a result, these forces occupied a large area of the Immemorial Wilderness. The number of wild bones they had accumulated in the past countless years was unimaginable to ordinary people.

But these clans didn't care about ordinary wild bones at all. The only wild bones that caught their eyes were bones of their own blood, and since these clans were rich, they often spent a lot of money on them.

Zen's wild bone, which was huge in size, was particularly enticing.

"What kind of blood is hidden in this piece of wild bone?" asked one of the middle-aged men.

With a calm look on his face, Zen replied, "You can see for yourself."

The middle-aged man immediately stood up and strode over to Zen, his eyes fixed on the blood wild bone.

With a few flicks of his fingers, he made a series of knocks on the surface of the wild bone.

Soon, a wave of blood-red Wild God Power appeared.

'The method he used to extract the Wild God Power is different from what Zelda used, ' Zen thought to himself.

Zelda had used the Trickle Spring Method. But even though Zen had no idea of what method this man was using, the result was the same.

The blood-red Wild God Power slowly spread out, circling around and turning into the shape of a wolf.

Looking at the little blood-red wolf, the three middle-aged men cried out in unison.

"The Spirit Wolf God!"

"Yes, that's it!"

"What a coincidence! Haha!"

Excitement appeared on the three middle-aged men's faces.

Zen couldn't understand what they meant, so he asked, "Why do you say it's a coincidence?"

"The Blood Wolf Clan in the Northern Leaning Bone Tower has been looking for the wild bones of the Spirit Wolf God, so the price of the wild bones of the Spirit Wolf God has risen greatly!" answered the middle-aged man.

Blood wild bones were comparatively rare, so people who dug them out would choose to hoard them until they could find a suitable opportunity to sell them later.

When some elders and masters of the Blood Wolf Clan started to buy the wild bones that contained their blood without restraint in order to brea

d with a smile.

Soon after, Zen entered a wide hall.

It was still early, so there weren't many people in the hall. Zen found a seat in the corner of the hall and sat down before closing his eyes, waiting for the auction to start.

An hour later, people began to enter the hall one by one.

Those who could participate in the auction here were the most respected people in Sand Core City and their strength was much more powerful than the ordinary Wild Gods.

As Zen's gaze swept over these people, he noticed that about seven of them were exuding great Wild God Power. These people were much more powerful than the four people he had met in the Immemorial Wilderness.

Gradually, the hall became lively. Everyone talked loudly as they waited. Deciding to take this chance, Zen pricked up his ears and listened carefully.

"It is said that there will be several major items in this month's auction!"

"Hey! I heard that the Heaven Core Bone Tower and the Moon Orchid Bone Tower are fighting again!"

"On the eve of the war, the price of wild bone will soar. It's so pitiful for us..."

'The Heaven Core Bone Tower and the Moon Orchid Bone Tower...

Do great forces in this world also have wars among each other? It seems that wars happen frequently in this world, ' Zen thought to himself.

At this moment, an old man dressed in glorious clothes, his hair loose, came from the side of the hall and stood on the stage. With a quick glance, he said, "Everybody, welcome to the monthly auction at our Sand Core City!"

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