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   Chapter 2535 Identification

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It took Zen an entire day to get a general feel of the Sand Core City.

The Sand Core City was the only large city within a two-hundred-thousand-mile radius of where Zen had been. The force that controlled the city was the Mysterious Soul Sect, which was located in the Night Bone Tower.

The Mysterious Soul Sect was one of the largest sects for the ordinary Wild Gods.

The auction house in the Sand Core City was personally hosted by the steward of the Mysterious Soul Sect. The major business groups gave the treasures they had acquired to the auction house for selling.

But the auction was held only once a month, and there were three days left until the next one.

So Zen had to stay in Sand Core City and wait for the auction.

Only after having arrived at the Sand Core City did Zen realize that the value of the wild bones was not as high as he had previously thought.

Everyone here cultivated the Wild God system, and they used a great deal of the wild bones as they were the currency they used to trade.

It was no wonder that Riley of the Falcon Caravan was so restless in the Iron Tribe. As an ordinary steward of the Falcon Caravan, he got several pieces of wild bones per month as his salary. According to the order of the Falcon Caravan, he collected the wild bones. If he had only managed to collect a small number of wild bones, it was not worth him to come here.

The part of the Immemorial Wilderness where the Iron Tribe lived had been excavated so many times that it had become an exhausted mine. The members of the tribe could only make a living by picking up any leftovers they were lucky to find.

Although Zen had managed to collect what he had initially thought was a sizeable amount, all he had done was gather the leftovers. In this world, that was worth nothing. The situation was not completely bleak, however. He had been lucky enough to obtain the wild bone with the blood of the Spirit Wolf God.

"Now I understand how some people can grow their bodies to be hundreds of miles tall. With enough wild bones, the Wild Gods can grow infinitely."

However, it was not easy to collect so many wild bones.

Ordinary people living in the Sand Core City got just one or two pieces of wild bone per month as their salaries. In a year, they could collect a total of twenty four wild bones at most.

Only by joining those great powers could they obtain more wild bones.

At this thought, a plan formed in Zen's mind.

Three days passed, and Zen took the bone card of the Falcon Caravan to the auction house.

Yet, Zen made sure to take precautions this time. He would not let carelessness thwart his

to take every one of the sellers into the auction house, so she was eager to move things along, not wanting to waste precious time on Zen.

"Well, what do you want to sell?" one of the masters asked.

"I want to sell a blood wild bone," said Zen with a deep breath.

"A blood wild bone?" The master who had answered looked incredulous. "The hierarchy of the blood wild bones is very complicated. The value is different for every rank. As you might already know, the blood of some wild bones is poor and ordinary people can't extract the Wild God Power from them. Such wild bones are less valuable than the ordinary ones. And even if the blood of the wild bones is good, we still have to judge their size, quantity and so on."

All this time, the fair-skinned woman continued to stare at Zen with relative indifference. She had been impressed by Zen's determination, but she knew that Zen's cultivation level was too low and that he held the bone card of the lowly Falcon Caravan. It was most likely that the wild bone he had was of poor blood, just as the master had said. Yet, he still wanted to sell it as a treasure at the auction house. He would make a fool of himself.

Zen nodded and raised his hand gently. A ray of blood red light shot out from his space ring.

At the same time, a violent aura spread through the cubicle.


A blood colored wild bone, tall as a man, smashed on the ground, and the cubicle shook.

The three masters and the fair-skinned woman all stared at the wild bone, their mouths open in surprise.

There were many kinds of blood colored blood wild bones. They couldn't yet tell what blood Zen's wild bone belonged to, but the violent aura radiating from within it was undoubtedly a sign of extraordinary power.

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