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   Chapter 2534 The Fake Wild Bone

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Zen flaunted the wild bone and then stashed it in his space ring. He smiled and said, "Does this qualify for an auction?"

Although the Falcon Caravan also held the occasional small auctions, its influence was not as vast as that of the large auction house in Sand Core City.

Some of the most rare and precious treasures were on offer at the auction house of the Sand Core City. However, these belonged to the powerful forces of the bone towers.

These impressive forces, which occupied the bone towers, were the creators of the world order. Normally, they would not covet something as small as Zen's blood wild bone.

In order to place the item on auction, Zen needed to obtain a qualification for auction from the Falcon Caravan.

The old man was puzzled by the bone.

Although he had merely glanced at the black wild bone, he had also sensed the Wild God Power within it.

This old man was a senior member in the Falcon Caravan. He had seen both the blood wild bones of the Heavenly Core Blood, and of the Nether Luminous Blood. The aura that emanated from them was completely different from the aura he had sensed from Zen's wild bone.

But the Wild God Power in Zen's black wild bone contained a powerful undertone and was rare indeed.

"Can I see the black wild bone again?" asked the old man.

"Well, I don't think that's a good idea." A look of vigilance settled on Zen's face.

Ordinary people who possessed such a precious treasure would not easily reveal it. The old man had probably understood Zen's concerns, for he grinned and took out a white bone card. Engraved on the surface was a lifelike falcon.

"This is an auction qualification card from our Falcon Caravan. With it, you can gain access to the auctions at the auction house here in Sand Core City," the old man explained, handing it to Zen.

It was the rule that no item could be auctioned without the bone card of a reputable trade group.

Zen accepted the bone card and thanked the old man. Then he left the Falcon Caravan at best speed.

A faint smile remained on the old man's face until Zen left.

However, as soon as Zen had left, the smile slid off from the old man's face, disappearing completely. "The origins of that kid's black wild bone is very special!"

"What makes it special?" asked Riley. He had also felt the unique aura of the wild bone. But he remained clueless as to the black wild bone's origins.

"It is neither the wild bone of the Heavenly

ribution to the Falcon Caravan this time, and his status would increase.

Not far away, Zen walked out of an alleyway with a faint smile hovering on his face.

He had expected this rash action from the Falcon Caravan.

The black wild bone that he had so easily handed over to the thieves was a fake one that Zen had forged in anticipation of their knavery.

The Wild God Power was a very pure power, which had been inherited from the owners of ancient bones, and it had accumulated over countless years.

This power was easy to absorb, but it was also easy to be altered!

While Zen was in the Iron Tribe, he had infused the Truth of Goodwill and Malice into a random wild bone, making it exude a unique aura. He had then blackened the surface with paint. Thus, he had quite easily created a unique wild bone.

Of course, this was not a special blood wild bone.

After convincing the Falcon Caravan's assessor earlier, Zen could now take the Falcon Caravan's bond card to the auction house for the real auction.

In order to protect all the trade groups, the auction house had adopted a system of anonymity. They only knew which trade group was attending an auction, and they did not care who actually owned the items on auction!

Therefore, Zen had now ensured his own safety, and he also made sure that the Spirit Wolf God's blood wild bone could be auctioned without any hiccups.

On this world, Zen had no friends or relatives, so he had to be extra cautious about everyone and everything. Fortunately, Zelda had given him some sound advice. Otherwise, it would have proven a huge problem to auction the blood wild bone.

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