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   Chapter 2533 The Falcon Caravan

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Riley and his group flew at full speed.

"Hey Riley, can that brat even keep up with us?" one of them called out.

"Whether or not he can is his problem," Riley answered smugly.

Three wild bones were alright as a bribe, but not enough for him to go out of his way to take care of Zen—Riley was planning on ditching him.


Riley deliberately sped up and the other two followed him closely.

"They think they can get rid of me? Ha!"

All the while, Zen had been following them at a moderate speed.

When the three sped up, the corners of Zen's mouth quirked up in amusement as he sped up after them.

After taking a quick glance at Zen behind him, Riley was surprised at what he found.

The young man was still steadily following them from about a hundred feet—he didn't even fall behind.

"Riley, he's not slow."

"Seems like he has recently started to cultivate the Wild God system?"

"I think he has cultivated the True God system. He has a high cultivation base, too. It's pretty strange."

The two behind Riley discussed.

But Riley merely laughed and said, "It doesn't matter what he has cultivated. You two, keep up!"

The Wild God Power flashed from Riley's body, strengthening his momentum remarkably. All of a sudden, he shot forward even faster.

The two behind him glanced at each other. All they could do was stimulate their own Wild God Power. If they wanted to follow Riley, they had no choice but to go all out.

Zen remained indifferent at the sight of the scene before him.

With his chaotic energy in his inner world slightly revolving, he easily kept up with the group.

After five minutes had passed, Riley was far in the lead, assuming that he had already gotten rid of Zen. But when he turned to check, his eyes widened in shock.

The guy was still following close behind them, maintaining the hundred-foot distance without breaking a sweat.

"What a strange guy…" Still, Riley refused to give up and continued moving forward at high speed.

"Slow down, Riley!"

"We can't keep up with you!"

The other two Wild Gods couldn't stand

chest. "Stop!"

"He's a guest of our Falcon Caravan," Riley said, handing another light-green token to Zen. Every warrior who entered the city required a special token. With that in hand, the guard stepped back and let Zen pass.

Zen then understood why Zelda had him follow Riley into the city. He couldn't have gotten in there on his own without stirring much trouble.

Upon entering the city, Riley led Zen straight to his base.

After Riley talked to some of the people, an old man wearing a silk kerchief stepped out.

He looked Zen up and down before asking, "Young man, do you have something you want to entrust us to auction?"

Everyone's eyes fell on Zen. They knew that Zen must have had something highly valuable, but neither he nor Zelda revealed anything.

"This is what I want to auction," Zen said, pulling out a large piece of wild bone.

It was black all over and as big as an adult's fist.

Both Riley and the old man were surprised at the sight.

Pure black blood wild bones were considered highly precious because of the various types of blood within them—they all ranked very high on the List of Blood Lineage. One of them was called the Heavenly Core Blood, ranking 19th; another was the Nether Luminous Blood, ranking 11th. Blood wild bones containing such kinds of blood held amazingly high value.

Undoubtedly, many people would flock to it at the auction.

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