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   Chapter 2532 Strengthen Himself

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The night had passed and Zen had finished refining all the 77 wild bones.

With his Flawless Divine Body, he could absorb all the Wild God Power.

He was even three times more efficient than Zelda was.

The Wild God Power spread all over his body, directly increasing his strength.

The next morning, Zen left the thatched hut earlier than usual. Using only a slight thought, he activated the Wild God Power within his body.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In an instant, his body expanded.

In the blink of an eye, he grew up from only eight feet tall to thirty feet.

He was far inferior to Zelda and the young man he killed in the Immemorial Wilderness

Zen realized that by refining the wild bones, his strength greatly increased.

As he stood there, he looked below—the thatched hut went up only to his knees.

"The Wild God Power… It is very powerful indeed!"

Excitement filled his eyes. This new body-refining skill was highly suitable for his body.

If he could absorb just enough Wild God Power to expand his body up to a thousand feet high, just how powerful would he become?

Zen had long anticipated the arrival of this day.

'It's only been a few days, but he's reached such a high level. What a talented man!'

From the entrance of the hut, Zelda observed Zen carefully. Though she had her own plan in mind, she knew she couldn't yet reveal it to Zen at this point.

While Zen was a generous person, it was impossible for him to risk his life for her and Luther's sake unless she could help him significantly. If he was worth trusting, she was considering the possibility of revealing her secret to him.

All the while, Luther had been reading the scroll Zen gave him.

Whenever he encountered problems beyond his understanding, he would consult Zen, who would then answer him patiently.

But Zen didn't stay within the tribe most of the time. He often visited the Immemorial Wilderness to continue searching for the wild bones.

Zen's method of finding the wild bones was truly efficient. All he needed to do was spread his mind before everything within a dozen miles fell unable to escape his eyes. He could easily see the wild bones hidden underground with ease.

But this luck of h

s highly precious.

If the Wild Gods knew he had a piece of it, they never would've allowed him to even go to the auction house. They'd have killed him and the tribe right then and there just to get their hands on it.

Riley grabbed a quick glance at Zen. At that point, the latter had absorbed quite an amount of wild bones and could release the Wild God Power.

But he had only cultivated for a rather short time and hadn't yet absorbed enough wild bones in Riley's eyes. So to him, Zen was nothing more than another weakling. At this point, Riley was growing impatient. "I don't have any time to spare on him!"

With that, he was ready to leave again.

But Zelda rushed to him and put three pieces of wild bones into his hand. With a smile, she said, "Please accept them, Riley. We would really appreciate your kindness."

Zen had found these pieces, so the tribe members said nothing of it.

A strange look appeared on Riley's face when he examined the bones in his hand. He couldn't think of anything good Zen would have that Zelda thought was worth bribing him for.

But it was a good enough bribe. All Riley needed to do was let Zen tag along and recommend him to the auction house. It was a piece of cake.

With that, he smiled at Zen. "Hey, kid! You'd better catch up with us!"

Since Zelda had told him all he needed to know, Zen merely nodded at Riley indifferently. When the Wild Gods flew into the air, Zen floated gently, quietly following them close by.

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