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   Chapter 2531 The List Of Blood Lineage

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After a few moments, Zelda finally decided to scan the blood-colored wild bone.

She slowly approached it, stretched out a slender hand and gently stroked the wild bone's surface.

Meanwhile, Zen didn't say anything about Zelda's actions. It seemed that she wanted to draw out the Wild God Power from the blood-colored wild bone.

She continued to stroke the wild bone's surface, until her fingers pressed more firmly against it.


At that moment, a wisp of blood red Wild God Power began to circle constantly around her fingertip.

Zen's brows shot up to his forehead in surprise. "That's a really insane Wild God Power!" he exclaimed.

Generally speaking, the Wild God Power in ordinary wild bones only contained a strange kind of energy, but no special emotions.

However, in this one, there was a violent aura hidden in the Wild God Power that was ready to burst at any moment.

There was a bare trace of gratitude on Zelda's face. She smiled, and let the wisp of Wild God Power sink between her hands.

The Wild God Power unfurled into the depths between her hands like a cloud of ink in water, transforming into a fascinating shape.

After a while, it finally stabilized and turned into a shadow of the blood wolf. The fierce wolf's head opened its ferocious mouth and emitted a strong, wild aura.

"What creature is that?" Zen asked curiously. A gentle sigh escaped Zelda's lips.

"As expected, it's the blood wild bone of the Spirit Wolf God," she explained.

"The Spirit Wolf God?" asked Zen. "Yes!"

Zelda's eyes shone with delight as she looked at the small blood-colored wolf shadow in her palm. "I never expected that there could be such a huge piece of blood wild bone in this barren area. The Spirit Wolf God is ranked 61st on the List of Blood Lineage, which is a very powerful bloodline."

She had dug out two pieces of egg-sized wild bones that contained Chiyou's bloodline way back before. Those wild bones were a hundred times more valuable than the ordinary ones because of Chiyou's blood inside them.

"It is said that a great clan in the Northern Leaning Bone Tower has inherited the blood of the Spirit Wolf God for generations. They have longed for the wild bones that contain the Spirit Wolf God's blood so much. You cannot abso

rom the Yellow Emperor race.

However, the fight between the two races unexpectedly extended to the bottom of the chaos, a desolate place full of bones.

"Whose blood power is ranked first on the list?" he asked again. 'Who could possibly be greater than Chiyou and the Yellow Emperor?' he thought.

"The Snake Goddess's blood," Zelda whispered.

"The Snake Goddess's blood..."

Zen racked his brains for information and tried to remember.

Although he didn't know much about the Source World, he could get some information from where he was now.

Then again, his mother had never mentioned anything about the existence of the Snake Goddess race to him.

Was that race also one of the big races in the Source World?

He did have a faint memory of associating it from the shadow of Snake Goddess that Yan had summoned. Furthermore, his mother had said that Yan's blood was different from his. Could it be that Yan had the blood of the Snake Goddess race?

Still, it was only a guess.

Now that he knew everything that he wanted to know, he didn't ask any more questions. He sat cross-legged, practiced the Trickle Spring Method Zelda had taught to extract the Wild God Power from some of the ordinary wild bones, and integrated them into his own body.

Just like what had happened before, he did not miss anything when the Wild God Power was fully infused into his body.

A small smile made its way to Zelda's lips. She sat down beside him as well, and began to refine the wild bones Zen had given her.

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