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   Chapter 2530 A Big Harvest

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"Zelda, who do you think is he?" asked Luther, who held the scroll in his hand. The air between them was quiet for a while.

"He doesn't seem to belong to our world," Zelda said lightly after a moment of thought.

"He doesn't belong to our world?" Confusion marred Luther's face and he asked, "Is there any other world?"

Zelda raised her head and looked at the foggy skies outside the thatched hut. "Yes, of course. It is said that our ancestors all came from the deep sky, an extremely high place. It is called the Source World. And we are the descendants of a group of people who have been exiled from that world," she answered.

She gazed at their surroundings, only to be greeted by the sight of thick brown clouds and mists—the chaotic energy once again.

"Is he… from the Source World?" Luther asked as his eyes glittered strangely.

A smile made its way to Zelda's lips. "I was just guessing! You should concentrate on your practice. Besides, Zen has such powerful techniques to become a True God. If you have the chance to return to your clan in the future, maybe you can defend yourself with your strength of a True God."

Luther pursed his lips and continued to study the scroll in his hand. The methods recorded in it made him itch to give it a try and want to create a Soul Sea of his own.

Just then, they heard a noise outside the thatched hut. Both of them instinctively looked outside at the same time, and saw Zen.

"You're back," said Zelda with a gentle smile on her face.

"How was your harvest? You haven't got any wild bones, have you?" Luther remarked. The hint of dissatisfaction on his face betrayed his attempt to keep cool. Although he was not a Wild God, he had rich experience in distinguishing the locations of wild bones. He thought that Zen would probably get nothing after he went to the Immemorial Wilderness.

When Zen saw how Luther looked at him, he didn't say anything and went straight into the thatched hut.

"The shape of a wild bone is similar to an ordinary skeleton. It's indeed difficult to find it. Hundreds of people in the tribe only find a few pieces by luck within a month. There's actually no need to worry," Zelda said slowly.

"I asked you to take me with you. No wonder you got no harvest," Luther complained with a pout.

As for

he would have been very happy already if Zen gave her two or three pieces.

She even thought that she didn't deserve to have twelve wild bones, but she also didn't want to refuse.

On one hand, Luther had originally planned to tease Zen and ask him to send some pieces of wild bones to Zelda. When he saw how generous Zen was, he felt too embarrassed to say anything else.

"Yes, I have a special wild bone that I'd like you to look at," Zen said.

Zelda was a little puzzled, and then asked again, "There's another piece of wild bone?"

The space ring on Zen's finger glowed once more. A triangular bone that was as tall as a man, landed on the ground with such a loud thud that the entire thatched hut trembled slightly.

There in front of them, stood the blood-red wild bone.

This time, Zelda was completely, utterly dumbfounded.

She was stunned to silence for a long while and when she finally came to her senses, she quickly urged, "Put it away! Hurry up!"

"What's wrong?" Zen asked curiously. He was quite confused, but nevertheless tucked the blood-red wild bone away into the space ring.

In turn, Zelda went to the thatched hut's entrance door and carefully scanned the outside. Then, she closed the door and said, "If someone else saw that wild bone, you will be in big trouble..."

It was true that the tribe people relied greatly on Zelda, but it didn't mean that they were a trustworthy bunch. If they ever knew that Zen had such a wild bone, they would be more than glad to sell the news to outsiders.

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