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   Chapter 2529 Showing Mercy

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Zen's expression was surprisingly calm. "I don't care who he is. It's none of my business.

I only know that he was courting death!"

"How dare you!"

spat the girl in the red robe. Not once did she think about meeting a guy who feared nothing and no one.

"You're the one who's courting death!"

shouted one of her guards.

The Blue Sect was the overlord of this vast Immemorial Wilderness.

The young man Zen killed was the most talented disciple in the Blue Sect for nearly a hundred years. Just recently, he had been chosen as a personal disciple by the sect leader, but now he had died on a trip outside.

Thinking of their leader's cruel and violent nature, the guards worried about how they were going to explain all of this to him.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two guards' bodies glowed a faint yellow light and their bodies began to grow in size.

They grew and grew until they were five thousand feet tall.

The two of them looked at Zen menacingly.

"Don't kill him. He killed my dear brother. We'll surely be punished when we return to the sect but if we take him back, my master might vent his anger on him instead of us," the red-clad woman said coldly.

She was also a personal disciple of the Blue Sect's leader. Like her late fellow disciple, she was very gifted, but her cultivation base was much weaker than his.

The two guards considered her words before shooting Zen malicious glares. "You brat! If you know what's best for you, you will surrender without a fuss!"

They already knew Zen's swordsmanship was very strange and powerful, however, they also believed that the young man died because he had underestimated Zen.

Now, both of them were going all out, leaving Zen no chance to win.

"Surrender?" Zen slightly raised the corner of his mouth and gently lifted the Shadow Bearing Sword in his hand. "Do you think that's possible?"

"Cut the crap! Just cripple him first," the other guard spat angrily.

Without hesitation, the two giants came at Zen like two mountains.

The girl stared

mp. She had just stared death in the face.

Zen knew that letting this woman go would bite him back in the future but he just couldn't bring himself to violate his own rules.

Besides, the Immemorial Wilderness was very vast. No matter how powerful her sect was, there was only a small chance of finding Zen.

Back in the tribe, Luther had been studying the cultivation method that Zen had given him.

This cultivation method, taken from the library of the fairy palace, was a very special theurgy

and Luther had been very unwilling to study it. After all, it was Zelda's idea that he should cultivate in the True God Realm.

However, with his meridians sealed, he couldn't cultivate to be a Wild God and this was the only option for him. Left with no choice, he began to study it.

And quite unexpectedly, he was attracted by this cultivation method.

The cultivation methods in the divine land were all inherited from Chiyou while the True God Realm was popular in the chaos. However, at the bottom of the chaos, due to the existence of the wild bones, the practice in the True God Realm was seen as inferior.

But this cultivation method that Zen had given him was created by Bromley himself and was naturally one of the best.

Luther's talent was extraordinary. And as he carefully read it, he felt as if a whole new world was opening for him.

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