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   Chapter 2528 Kill A Wild God

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The girl in bright red robe blinked her eyes repeatedly. "Well, you'd better take out the blood red wild bone obediently," she said. "My brother is kind-hearted and will spare your life!"

The young girl and the young man had realized that Zen seemed to be a True God, not a Wild God.

In this world, True Gods were not the mainstream. In order to obtain some theurgies, some Wild Gods might open up an inner world to cultivate, but they mainly cultivated Wild God Power. All the other cultivation methods they practiced were only auxiliary methods.

It was rare to see people like Zen, who only cultivated in the True God Realm.

So, they didn't take Zen's cultivation or strength seriously.

"Really?" Zen smiled faintly as he still held his temper.

He tried not to get himself into trouble in such a strange place.

Then he showed off a small smile. Just then, a powerful force was released from his legs, and his body immediately shot backwards.


As he was moving backward, Zen flew at high speed on the Immemorial Wilderness.

The girl and the man were not expecting Zen to escape. All of them were stunned, and a trace of hostility appeared on the young man's face. "How dare he! Nobody has ever run away in front of me. What a joke..."

"Hoo, hoo, Hoo..."

Within seconds, the young man's body shone a bright yellow light, and his body began to increase in size very rapidly.

One hundred feet...

One thousand feet...

In the blink of an eye, he turned into a giant of five thousand feet tall. Right after growing so big, he rushed straight towards Zen.

Even though he was already so huge, he even became faster than Zen.

The girl looked towards the direction of Zen and sighed helplessly. "This guy is so stupid. If he has just taken out the wild bone, he could have survived. Now, he's annoyed my senior fellow apprentice. How in the world is he going to survive?"

Just like that, the girl flew upwards with the two guards behind her.

As Zen flew away with the young man tailed behind him, they were moving extremely fast, travelling a hundred miles within seconds.

The aura released by the young man behind Zen was already very intimidating, and when the Wights that were crawling on the ground felt this aura, their faces were all stained with fear. Almost all of them ran away.

"He's huge! How could he manage to move so qui

four thousand feet high, Zen was floating in the air, gasping for air as his chest rose and fell.

To his surprise, it was easier to get rid of the guy than he had expected.

For him, it was actually easier to kill a Wild God than to kill a True God, because the life force of a Wild God just came from their body.

If he was fighting a True God, losing a head wouldn't have been a fatal problem.

For a True God, the truly fatal injury was if their souls were destroyed, or if their elixir fields were broken. Because Wild Gods depended largely on their bodies, they'd immediately die as soon as they were physically harmed.


At this moment, a scream echoed faintly from the distance: It was from the girl in red robe.

The girl and the two guards realized that they had overestimated the young man's strength, so they had followed him quietly as he battled Zen. In their eyes, the young man could kill Zen in the blink of an eye, and the latter probably wouldn't have the chance to escape.

Little did they know, the young man was fated to get beheaded by Zen, someone they thought to be weak.

They didn't even witness how the young man's neck was cut off.


As the body lay on the ground, Strong Wild God Power escaped it as it rapidly shrank down to normal size. Within a few seconds, it became the size of Zen once again.

"You, you, you..." The girl stared at Zen in fear, her face full of disbelief.

But the fright in her voice was not for Zen, but from seeing the young man's death. "You actually killed him! Do you have any idea who he is?!"

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