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   Chapter 2527 A Piece Of Blood-red Wild Bone

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The huge skeleton let out a chilling wail, and a giant appeared beside it instantly.

"That's a hominine giant!" Even though he was tens of thousands of miles away from the giant, Zen could still see it clearly and knew what it was. "This giant appeared so suddenly. How did it get to this size so quickly? Did it take advantage of the Wild God Power?"

Zen remembered that Zelda had told him that although she was already a Wild God, she was at the lowest level and could only grow to two hundred feet high.

The most powerful Wild God in the world, however, could potentially grow dozens, even hundreds of miles high.

One mile was equivalent to about five thousand feet.

The vastness of three hundred-mile tall giant was indescribable. What kind of power could such a giant be capable of unleashing?

Zen couldn't even begin to imagine.

Standing before this giant of three hundred miles tall, Zen seemed smaller than a speck of dust.

He had never expected that he would see such a creature in the Immemorial Wilderness. It was beyond what any legend could ever describe.

Soon after its appearance, the giant started to fight the skeleton.

A gigantic creature like this would let out a huge roar every time it collided with something. The collision and the giant's roar sent shock waves in all directions, which turned into massive, destructive storms.

Bones of different shapes and sizes were blown all over the Immemorial Wilderness.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh..."

Waves of cold windstorm rolled over the land, and the bones were swept forward towards Zen.

If ordinary humans were hit by these bones, they would probably lose half of their lives immediately, and could even die if they were not strong enough.

Zen, however, just stood there, letting the bones hit him, like a huge rock in a gushing river. His eyes remained firmly fixed on the battle between the two giant beings in the distance.

"Boom! Boom!"

Soon after, Zen saw the giant snap the huge skeleton in two along the waist. The giant had won.

Then, its job done, the giant seemed to evaporate, disappearing from Zen's sight.

"It should have become smaller again," Zen mumbled, standing buried almost up to his neck in the bones that were blown over.

He twisted h

ce ring.

At this moment, a gust of wind swept past his ears. He turned his head and saw four figures in the air, moving rapidly towards him.

Zen frowned. This couldn't be a good sign.

The space ring in his hand flashed slightly, and the man-sized wild bone disappeared into it.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh..."

The four figures approaching Zen sped up, and soon stood in front of him.

The leader of the four was a thin and pale young man. He was followed by a young girl in a bright red robe, and the other two were dressed as guards.

"I swear I saw a large blood-red wild bone just now, but then it disappeared! Where is it?" the girl in red robe said, her eyes and voice cold as ice.

The young man's eyes immediately fell on the space ring in Zen's hand. "Well, it must have been hidden by this guy!" said the young man, looking Zen up and down, his eye arrogant and disdainful.

"No matter who you are," he continued in a threatening voice, "the wild bones dug up in this area belong to our Blue Sect. Hand it over!"

Hearing this, Zen raised his eyebrows. He had met this kind of fellow many times before.

Zen smiled coldly and replied, his voice calm, "The bones in the Immemorial Wilderness have no owner. Naturally, they belong to whoever finds them. Why should I hand it to you?"

The young man, however, didn't want to waste time arguing with Zen. He sneered, "Your life is nothing to me. I will say it again. Hand it to me and I'll let you go! If not, you die. It's that simple."

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