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   Chapter 2526 Collect The Wild Bones

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While Zelda and Luther looked at Zen as though he was a monster, Zen slowly stood up.

The Wild God Power was nothing like the strength source, life vitality, or the chaotic energy. All three of those powers could be used at will.

The Wild God Power, on the other hand, was completely a part of one's body.

As this thought flashed across Zen's mind, he immediately ignited the Wild God Power.

He felt his body shake violently and his muscles, bones and even veins began to swell at once. As the swelling increased, he felt an indescribable power surge throughout his body.

This was the first time that Zen had ever absorbed the Wild God Power. Seeing as he'd only absorbed a small piece of wild bone of the lowest level, he couldn't instantly turn into a two-hundred-foot giant like Zelda was capable of.

His body only stretched very little, and a brief moment later, he was a good inch taller.

Even so, all this had made Zen feel very excited.

"The Wild God Power is really very unique," Zen muttered. "It's nothing like I've ever experienced before." It was then that he noticed the surprise in Zelda's eyes and asked, "What's wrong?"

"You... You haven't answered my question yet," Zelda replied excitedly.

Zen was capable of absorbing all the Wild God Power. In fact, his efficiency was three times better than Zelda's.

In other words, when Zen refined a single piece of wild bone, it came out to the same as when Zelda refined three pieces. The gap was very wide.

How could Zen answer such a question? It was difficult and confusing to explain.

All he could do was shrug his shoulders and reply in a confused manner, "I don't know either."

Zelda stared at Zen's face suspiciously. Based on Zen's previous performance, it was clear that he knew nothing about this power, but once he began putting it into practice, the technique went far beyond the common sense she could comprehend.

Had she not seen it with her own two eyes, there was no way she would believe it now.

Ultimately, Zelda said, "Maybe you really are suitable for cultivating to become a Wild God."

Any time she had faced a problem that couldn't be explained, she always eventually put it down to talent.

Although she didn't want to compare herself with such a talented young man, she couldn't help but feel a sense of frustration right now.

Becoming a Wild God was more than having the capacity for absorbing a piece of wild bone.

The unsatisfied Zen quickly turned his eyes toward the Immemorial Wilderness.

Over the past few days, the people of the tribe came and went. They were busy collecting wild bones on the edg

d bone fell directly into his grasp. He tightened his fingers around the bone.

As soon as he obtained the first wild bone, he flew to the next location and repeated his technique. In this way, he had obtained all eight of the wild bones in the surrounding area.

It was obvious that Zen's method was much more efficient in finding the wild bones than that of ordinary people.

After obtaining the wild bones, Zen flew into the air once more and continued flying deeper into the Immemorial Wilderness. As he continued on his way, he used his spiritual will in order to search an area of at least a dozen miles around him.

After performing his technique several times, he had more than thirty wild bones in his hand. During this time, the ruckus he inevitably caused had also alarmed a few Wights.

As he attacked and killed a few of them, all the others left as quickly as they could. From that point on, no one dared attack him again.

In half a day's time, Zen had already traveled thousands of miles deep into the Immemorial Wilderness. His pace was unbelievable.

Just as his mind was off elsewhere, absorbed in collecting as many wild bones as he could, he suddenly heard an astonishing howl.

The howl contained an extremely powerful, ear-piercing force. As the sound spread, it actually lifted countless bones up off the ground, forming a tsunami of bones.

Zen looked in the direction from which the howl came. Tens of thousands of miles away, he was certain that he could see a huge skeleton shadow appearing and heading closer his way!

He was startled, and with reason.

Even from so far away, the skeleton shadow could still be seen quite clearly. No doubt about it, this huge skeleton must be at least three hundred miles tall.

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