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   Chapter 2525 Absorb

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"These are wild bones with Chiyou's bloodline..." Zen uttered as he raised his eyebrows slightly.

As Zen had learned from his mother, the Nine Li race was a huge race in the Source World, and there were also many warriors with Chiyou's bloodline.

The wild bones had been, presumably to say the least, left behind by the mighty masters of the Nine Li race.

However, Zen had no idea what could have happened in the chaos that caused so many bones to scatter here.

"Seeing as only those who have Chiyou's bloodline can absorb the power within the wild bones, why would someone even buy them?" Zen asked. He continued, "Could it be that there are also warriors with Chiyou's bloodline here?"

Zelda nodded her head. "Yes. It has been said that among the powerful warriors on the bone towers, a few of them do have the powerful bloodline!"

"There are actually people with Chiyou's bloodline here," Zen stated, almost to himself. His heart skipped a beat.

Only the Nine Li people could actually inherit Chiyou's bloodline.

Was it possible that the Nine Li people also existed among the Out-of-Land Fiends? Or, could they have used other lesser known methods to obtain Chiyou's bloodline?

If there were really Nine Li people here, they could possibly become one of his strong reinforcements...

Quite frankly, this was only the thought running through Zen's mind. He knew he couldn't act rashly before he completely figured out that crucial point.

"Let's just drop the subject for now. Don't you have a wild bone in your hand? I'll teach you the method for refining it now! Remember, you must keep it in your mind!" Zelda smiled honestly.

The methods for refining the wild bones were about the same, but not everyone could bear the Wild God Power.

In the Iron Tribe Zelda was from, she was the only one who could bear the power of Wild God Power.

"The power of a wild bone is owner-less. For this reason, extracting the power from the wild bones isn't difficult. What's truly difficult, is how much you can make use of such power," Zelda said seriously as she faced Zen, sitting with her legs crossed. In her hands, she too, held a wild bone.

Luther dug three wild bones out of the Immemorial Wilderness. One of them was given to Zen in order to repay him for saving his life, and the other two were given to Zelda.

"The method I use is called the Trickle Spring Method. I learned it from a master when I was still very young," said Zelda. As soon as her hands left the wild bone, the bone floated in front of her with ease.

Her hands moved around the wil

ve their own two eyes.

Zen, on the other hand, simply continued sitting there, doing what he was doing.

The three of them continued like this for a long time. Suddenly, Zelda, who had a look of completely incomprehension asked, "Where did the Wild God Power go, then?"

"I have absorbed it," Zen replied.

"Why isn't there any Wild God Power escaping from your body?!" she asked bewildered. Zelda was stunned.

Even after having cultivated the Wild God Power for so long, she could only make use of thirty percent of its power. And this was already a laudable feat. It wasn't anything to be scoffed at.

It was said that a few geniuses of certain great forces could make use of sixty or even seventy percent of the Wild God Power. But this was rare, and Zelda had never encountered such an individual.

That said, this was Zen's first time absorbing the Wild God Power and he'd actually absorbed all of it! What was more, not even a tiny bit of it was leaking out!

Despite her vast knowledge and experience, Zelda simply couldn't understand what she had just witnessed.

As for Zen himself, he only felt a little confused. A brief moment later, he'd understood how he had come to achieve something so unbelievable.

It was simple. Most creatures' physical bodies weren't flawless. More so, there were always certain loopholes that couldn't be detected. The life vitality one sucked in could leak out through those specific loopholes, and the same went for the Wild God Power.

Zen's body had been forged so many times that he already possessed a Flawless Divine Body from back when he was in the Evolutionary Universe.

Once the Wild God Power had entered Zen's body, escaping it was simply impossible.

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