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   Chapter 2524 The Bloodline In The Wile Bones

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The two had never seen such a thing before, so they were confused, especially Zelda.

After all, she knew very well how powerful she herself was.

Over the past few years, she had relied on the wild bones to grow at a steady pace, and her talent would today ensure that she could fully take advantage of the power in the wild bones.

Only a very few Wild Gods that shared the same realm as her could actually surpass her.

Despite her obvious strength and power, the young man before her blocked her blow. An attack that contained nearly all her might in one single fist!

She was surprised by his reaction. Besides, he hadn't even become a Wild God yet. How terrifying would he be if he did become a Wild God? That was a scary thought.

Zelda withdrew her fist at once.

The faint yellow light on the surface of her body began flickering slightly before she began shrinking more and more.

It wasn't before long that she had returned to her original state.

She picked up her clothes and slowly walked toward Zen. In her eyes, a trace of awe and doubt could be seen.

'This guy just can't be a nobody! And yet, he's ignorant of both the Wild God and the world. What a strange man!' she thought to herself.

"Where..." she mumbled a little. "Where did you come from?" Zelda curiously asked.

"May I refuse to answer your question?" Zen retorted.

Zelda pursed her lips. She quickly came to the conclusion that Zen wouldn't tell her the truth easily, and thus, she asked him another question. "Tell me then, what's the purpose of your coming here?"

"My purpose?" Zen asked pensively.

His mother threw him down.

Over time and especially now, Zen had gradually come to understand his history and what he would eventually have to face.

If he had to have a purpose, then he indeed had one. "I want to become stronger!" he stated with confidence, his eyes shining eagerly.

Luther suddenly interrupted them, "It seems that your enemy is very powerful, am I right?"

"Why have you come to that conclusion?" Zen asked.

"Well, you're already so strong! And yet, you want to become stronger still. That's the only reason," said Luther with a shrug of his shoulders.

Zen didn't refute. After his mother had explained everything to him, he indeed realized that his opponents were truly formidable. Defeating Murphy and Nicholas was a near insurmountable problem. Moreover, they were not his only opponents throughout the divine land.

His only option was to become stronger. And what was more, doing so was quite urgent.

"In that case,

urities from his flesh body.

However, the method for using the wild bone was the exact opposite. He needed to completely infiltrate his body with the wild bone's power.

"Don't worry too much. It's the lowest grade wild bone, so you won't be resistant to it. Some powerful wild bones aren't so easy to absorb," Zelda added.

"Are you saying there are even stronger wild bones?" Zen asked curiously.

Taking on an indifferent expression, Zelda smiled and said, "Of course, there are many kinds of wild bones throughout the Immemorial Wilderness. Some of their owners were extremely powerful in their day! Even trillions of years after their death, the marks of power contained in their bones haven't disappeared. And chances are, they never will. The power hidden in this kind of wild bones is extremely strong, but that kind of power is only be passed down to the descendants. That is to say, those who absorb their power must have their blood."

"Must have their blood, you mean?" Zen's eyes flashed with curiosity.

Zelda nodded, only once. "Several years ago, I dug out two pieces of wild bones that contained Chiyou's bloodline. But I couldn't absorb the power found within them. I could only sell or trade them for ordinary wild bones..."

As she spoke, Zelda couldn't stop her expression from displaying a hint of disappointment. The power and impact were different from each other in the wild bones, but something like blood was predestined.

That said, Zelda exchanged the two wild bones for dozens of ordinary ones. These bones had laid her foundation and eventually helped her in becoming a Wild God. Now though, as she thought back, she still felt the loss simply wasn't worth the gain.

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