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   Chapter 2523 A Spar

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"One must be a body refiner of a higher level in order to become a Wild God. Your body doesn't seem strong enough."

Zelda had noticed that Zen knew nothing about it. So Zen decided to learn more by asking questions.

A body refiner needed to have a strong body.

And Zen could become a body refiner only if he cultivated his body to what seemed at the moment to be a terrifying level.

Even though Zelda exuded a strange power, her body wasn't strong enough.

Zelda glanced gently at Zen, obviously thinking that Zen had asked a very stupid question.

Luther smiled at this. He didn't know what kind of guy he had brought back with him. It looked like Zen didn't belong to this world. What was more, he seemed to have minimal to no common sense when it came to worldly things.

Fortunately for Zen, Zelda was patient. She turned to him and said, "If you don't know anything about the Wild God, you can follow me."

She then walked out of the thatched hut.

Zen followed her without hesitation.

In the ground outside the thatched hut, Zelda turned at her waist to look at Zen, smiled sweetly, and made to untie her clothes.

"What?" Zen was shocked, unable to understand what she wanted to do.

To his surprise, she cast off her thick clothes to reveal a brown bodysuit that hugged her body and outlined her exquisite figure.

The surface of this suit was lined rather strangely.

She let out a strong breath.


The breath left a visible light in its wake that was pale yellow in color.

Zen still looked at Zelda, confused and wondering why she was doing this.

Zen could feel a primitive energy surging through Zelda, touching almost every part of her body.

There were very few people in the divine land who could use power like this. Most of them used their life vitality on blades.

For example, if Zen used his strength source, his power wouldn't have spread all over his body like the way Zelda's power was flowing through her.


Zen, seemed to know nothing and his background seemed strange. But he had saved Luther and she thought that it would be inappropriate if she slammed him into pieces.

But when their fists collided, she could feel an immense power radiating from this young man, the force of which seemed so irresistible!

Once Zen had blocked Zelda's fist, he suddenly pulled back his elbow.

The strong force moved along his arm, and Zelda's huge body began to retreat.

Every time she took a step backward, the ground shook and a muffled sound could be heard.

Her body expanded in size to become dozens of times bigger, but she was still very agile. She took a few steps backwards before turning and steadying herself. She stared at Zen's gleaming eyes and said, "You have such a strong power!"

She was no longer looking down upon Zen and had become even more cautious.

This time, she unleashed ninety percent of her strength towards Zen's head.

The two collided again.

Zen stood still, the muscles on his arm bulging. He was blocking Zelda's punch with just one hand.

Luther's eyes bulged at the sight of this.

Zen hadn't even turned into a Wild God! Nor did he have the power of a Wild God. But he was using his own strength to resist Zelda's all-out blow. And this was confusing the heavens out of Luther!

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