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   Chapter 2522 The Wild God

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The woman wore a blouse and a skirt made out of coarse cloth.

Although she was dressed in shabby clothes, her astonishing beauty was unrivaled. On the face of it, this stunning woman seemed out of place in a humble tribe such as this.

Zen's gaze fell on the woman and comprehension dawned on him.

The woman's cultivation base was not obvious, but her body emitted a unique, magnetic aura.

It seemed as if she was a body refiner, but not entirely so.

Zen knew that she was no match for him, but she was obviously far stronger than most ordinary people.

What made Zen more intrigued, however, was that the aura she emitted was very similar to that of the wild bone in his hand.


The teenager's face lit up at the sight of the woman.

As the others heard Zelda's words, they were embarrassed.

Zelda held a very high position in the tribe. More importantly, each time an adversity knocked on their doors, she was the first to step up and chase it away.

If Zelda left, the tribe would probably die out when the next disaster came.

The conflicts between their tribe and the Macon Tribe were never-ending. Members often got involved in disputes. Each time, it was Zelda who acted as mediator and put an end to their mischief.

"Zelda, what if the Wights come again?"

"We don't know how to face them without you. The members of the Macon Tribe are waiting for a chance to pounce on us and make trouble!"

Zelda had an undisturbed expression on her face. "Didn't you say that these disasters are brought upon us by Luther? If I leave with Luther, no disaster will happen to you, correct? So what is there to worry about?"

"Well..." The man with cropped hair fell short of words, not knowing how to retort to this matter-of-fact statement.

Ever since Zelda had brought Luther back, the Wights often broke out from the Immemorial Wilderness to attack the tribe.

But truthfully, this had occurred before Luther was brought back too.

Seeing how the man was speechless, Zelda smiled coldly. She walked up to Luther, saying, "Let's go home."

The teenager, Luther, nodded and obediently

neither weathering nor decomposing.

The creatures at the bottom of the chaos absorbed the energy in the wild bones for cultivation. This way, their strength advanced rapidly. In the end, they became Wild Gods.

However, despite the huge number of wild bones, they existed to be used up one day.

Zelda's tribe made a living out of picking the wild bones. Every once in a while, strong warriors arrived to exchange their necessary supplies for a batch of the wild bones.

Of course, a part of the wild bones was left to Zelda for cultivation.

In the past half a year however, the number of wild bones dug out by the tribe had reduced significantly. So far, they had only accumulated less than twenty pieces.

If they sold all the wild bones, Zelda would not have any left for her own cultivation.

Luther was well aware that Zelda needed the extra wild bones to reach a higher level. Determined and sullen, he took a risk to go deeper into the Immemorial Wilderness. The more dangerous a site, the higher the probability of finding the wild bones.

However, he did not expect to be chased by a group of Wights after being lucky enough to dig out three wild bones. At long last, he was saved by Zen.

"I see."

Zen sighed in his heart, finally perceiving the situation.

These people had managed to establish a unique training system with the support of the ghastly wild bones. It was commendable.

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