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   Chapter 2521 The Tribe

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6129

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The wild bone was plucked from the teenager's hand as Zen carefully studied it.

Even though the beast bones were untouched by the chaotic energy in this barren place, there wasn't anything special about them.

But the unique power in the wild bone was interesting.

But then again, even though this young man and the humanoids didn't have advanced cultivation, they seemed unafraid of the chaotic energy.

Would they also be considered as extraordinary creatures? Or Out-of-Land Fiends?

It wasn't the time to focus on that so Zen put away the bone. The teenager nimbly approached him. "Sir, since you can fly, can you take me away from here?"

Without hesitation, Zen grabbed the teenager's hand and flew. He needed to know about this strange place.

"Do you come here often to pick up wild bones?" Zen asked.


"This place is too dangerous for you," Zen softly said.

Even if the crawling humanoids were like ants to Zen, they could still easily kill this teenager.

It seemed like such a waste to get himself killed just to pick up wild bones.

The teenager faintly smiled. "I was careless this time and went too deep in the Immemorial Wilderness. I used to only pick up bones at the edge. But now more and more people come to pick up wild bones so I had to go deeper and try my luck!"

'So this place is called the Immemorial Wilderness...' Zen thought to himself. Out loud, what he said was, "There're many other people who get wild bones like you?"

"Of course! The wild bones are what we use to live on," the teenager replied without hesitation.

When he followed the gist of the teenager's words, Zen understood the general idea of the situation.

At the edge of the Immemorial Wilderness was a tribe and the teenager was a member.

The people absorbed the power within the wild bones to

!" The fake fear on the teenager's face completely disappeared and was replaced with excitement.

In just a moment, the expression of the people changed.

It wasn't within their expectation for a stranger to be so powerful and help the teenager.

"Who... Who are you?"

"Why are you helping this bane?"

a man with cropped hair asked as he stared at Zen.

Zen replied calmly, "I don't plan on helping him but you can talk calmly. There's no need to do this to a child."

It didn't have anything to do with him and Zen didn't like being used.

"A child?" The man laughed coldly. "Ever since he came to our tribe, misfortunes occurred every year. He's not a child but a living bane. He always brings bad luck!"

"Sir, this is our own issue," another person said.

"I'm not a bane!" The teenager forced his chin up despite the sadness in his face as he defended himself. "Zelda can prove it!"

"Humph! If Zelda didn't take you in out of kindness, we wouldn't have ended up like this. You can't go home!" the man with cropped hair said firmly.

From within the tribe, a woman slowly walked over and spoke in a cold, sweet voice, "Since you don't let Luther return home, I'll leave the tribe with him."

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