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   Chapter 2520 Wild Bone

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As he fell rapidly into the void, the bones of the beasts at the bottom of the chaos became larger and larger in Zen's eyes.

Cracks kept appearing in the purple light circle that enveloped Zen and eventually, it completely disappeared. It was as if Zen was sitting in a box without a lid as he fell down.

'It may take a long time for me to fall to the bottom at this speed, ' he thought.

The divine land itself was quite close to the bottom of the chaos. However, calculated in the measurement of the divine land, it still felt like quite a long distance for Zen.

A month later, Zen had finally reached the same height as those beast bones in the void.

But these enormous beast bones were incredibly tall!

Another ten days had passed slowly.

When he was about one hundred thousand feet away from the ground, Zen jumped out, flew in the air and began to float down like a leaf.

Zen was like a speck of dust in this mammoth world. He descended quietly without drawing any attention.

"So this is the bottom of the chaos!"

The ground under Zen's feet was like a vast bed of snow. The world in front of him was pristine white.

This whiteness was not due to snow; it was littered with skeletons. This was a wasteland of bones!

All kinds of bones were strewn everywhere: arms, ribs, lamellar bones as well as bones of various strange shapes.

Some of the bones were the size of a palm, while others were tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of feet long.

No matter how huge the bones were, they couldn't compare with the huge beast bones, which were as long as the divine land. They stood like many mountains in the distance that no one could conquer.

"These bones must have all come from extraordinary creatures." Zen bent down and picked up a piece of bone.

If the bodies of the True Gods dropped into the chaos, they would get corroded to nothingness by the chaotic energy. So these bones certainly didn't belong to the True Gods.

These bones might have been at the bottom of the chaos for countless years. They were actually all intact under the cover of the chaotic energy, so perhaps only the bodies of extraordinary creatures could have withstood the

the remaining Wights halted mid-pursuit and then scattered helter skelter.

These Wights were not entirely stupid, but their IQ was very low. Seeing Zen kill their mates with ease, they knew that they could not afford to offend or take him on.

Seeing the crowd of Wights dispersing, the young man breathed a sigh of relief. He then turned to Zen and stared at him blankly.

When he saw Zen ambling over, he took out a wild bone from his waist, knelt down on the ground, and held it up above his head as an offering. He said loudly, "This is what I collected from the wilderness. Please accept it as a token of thanks, sir!"

At first, Zen was puzzled about the young man's actions.

But when he heard the boy speaking the same language as him, he became less wary.

Anyway, humans were present at the bottom of the chaos.

The language of the divine land was inherited from the Source World, so the creatures at the bottom of the chaos must surely have some connection with the Source World.

Zen's gaze was fixed on the wild bone. From its appearance, the bone was no different than an ordinary one, but he could sense extraordinary power radiating from the bone.

"What kind of a bone is this?" he asked.

A strange expression appeared on the young man's face, as if it was hard for him to fathom the fact that Zen didn't know about this bone.

But he still replied earnestly, "This is a wild bone, sir! I just dug it out of this wilderness."

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