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   Chapter 2519 Leaving The Divine Land

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Zen had no idea what had happened inside the cave.

He sat cross-legged in the stable space and wholeheartedly continued to break through to the top-rank of the True God Realm.

A series of occurrences happened in his inner world.

The sword clouds rolled towards his Godly Tile.

Even though there was no more Spiritual Darkness entering his inner world, the brown clouds transformed by the Spiritual Darknesses were more than enough.

"It seems that Zen can successfully become a top-rank True God," Lorena said softly.

The events that happened in the cave were clear to the wisp of Lorena's soul but she didn't reveal anything not to disturb Zen's concentration.

A focused Zen placed all of his thoughts on that Godly Tile.

The breakthrough on becoming a top-rank True God had unexpectedly taken much longer time.

Before he knew it, two hours had passed.

With another roar in his inner world, the entire world once again expanded out.

"I made it!" Surprise filled Zen's face as he cried out in success.

As his inner world expanded, he felt that he had a much deeper comprehension about Godly Ways.


Zen's avatar rushed towards Lorena.

"Congratulations, Zen." Lorena greeted him with a smile on her face, but was followed by an extremely complicated look on her eyes.

Zen sensed his mother's strange emotion and couldn't help but ask curiously, "Mother, what's wrong?"

The smile on Lorena's face gradually faded away, and she lightly explained, "I'll tell you, but don't panic. After all, this is not a dead end for you."

Zen was confused but still nodded in understanding.

"I have sent you to the chaos outside the divine land," Lorena bluntly said.


Zen's heart skipped a beat as he opened his eyes.

Only then did he realize that he was no longer in the cave, but was covered by a purple circle of light.

He was full of doubts as he once again closed his eyes, and placed his consciousness on his avatar. Back in his inner world, he stared at his mother and eagerly asked, "What happened?"

"The Holy Beings found me when you were breaking through," Lorena voiced out with bitterness.

Lorena was afraid of affecting his breakthrough so she didn't bring it up.

In order to make Zen understand the situation, she tried her best to explain the

threat to him because after all, his inner world was made up of the chaotic energy.

His mother didn't lie to him. She had indeed sent him out of the divine land.

Thinking carefully, he realized that his mother's choice at the last moment was right. If she had sent him to any place in the divine land, perhaps Nicholas could track him down instantly with the Holy Being's power.

The time he left the Time Sea and was taken away by Joy, Nicholas couldn't track his location. It was because of Estelle's action which he was grateful for.

Joy on the other hand, to prevent them from being caught up, still took Zen to move thousands of times in a short time.

His mother then could only send him out of the divine land. This was her only choice.

"Mother, I don't think you will definitely die this time!" A light flashed across Zen's eyes. "Maybe there's still a chance for everything, but the premise is that I must have enough strength!"

He had been down and depressed for ten days, but he finally became resolute as his mood was adjusted.

He observed as the crack in the space that fettered him gradually became wider. He could finally take a look at the situation outside.

Zen could see a huge oval-shaped gem floating above him.

He could almost recognize at a glance that it was the true form of the divine land. A red ribbon could be seen binding the gem.

He grasped and understood from his location that he was already quite far away from the divine land. He didn't know when he would fall at the bottom of the chaos.

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