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   Chapter 2518 Perish Together

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The Lethal Fire Magma could just burn down anything, but the big black pot floating above it looked intact.

Suddenly, Lorena jumped up and stood upright on the pot, looking outside of the cave.

Although the divine land was huge, it was still too small for the Holy Beings. They could easily reach the remotest corners of the land in a short span of time.

Lorena was well aware that as long as she went unnoticed, she was safe. Once she exposed herself, there would be no way out.

Although she had some tricks up her sleeve, her slowness might bring her down. She had no choice but to send Zen away.


Soon a figure flew over. She realized that it was Nicholas.

When Nicholas saw Lorena standing on the pot, his astonished face lit up. "Lorena!" He exclaimed in delight.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Instantly, a dozen figures appeared behind Nicholas.

The Holy Beings were slightly stunned, seeing Lorena. That was when it struck them Nicholas' purpose.

It turned out that he came for this woman.

The Holy Beings started to talk in whispers.

Once they became Holy Beings, they controlled the universes, so much so that they could create lives and other objects prevailing in the universes, as per their liking.

For them, women were of little importance. That was why they were stunned that Nicholas could be so obsessed with a woman.

However, this woman was no ordinary one. She possessed a special status. If they caught her, probably many of their problems could be solved.

After all, it was a good sign for the alliance of wealthy clans.

Lorena glanced at Nicholas coldly and curled her lips. A cold smile appeared on her face as she said, "You've been looking for me for a long time. Am I right?"

Nicholas nodded in agreement.

For years he tried to locate Lorena, but was unsuccessful.

Hence, he came hastily, as soon as he got the news from Hamish.

"Your talents and skills are still a bit weak. Even if someone taught you those, there is still the Sea of Truth for you to cross," Lorena said lightly.

Nicholas smiled hearing her words. "I'm just a step away from it. Very soon I will cross the Sea of Truth and reach the Other Shore Realm!"


to the bottom of hell.

She might not be able to truly kill these Holy Beings, but it would take them a long time to recover. That way, she could buy more time for Zen, Yan, and Harold.

Without any hesitation, Lorena tapped her tiptoe gently in the pot and jumped into the Lethal Fire Magma.

However, just as she was about to jump into the Lethal Fire Magma, Nicholas had rushed over towards her.

"Humph!" Lorena sneered coldly. Her hair shot towards Nicholas like arrows.

When Nicholas' hand touched the air, an invisible energy turned into a shield and protected him in front.


Lorena's arrows were unable to penetrate the shield.

At that time, Nicholas reached out to grab her arm.

Lorena continued to smirk at Nicholas.

Suddenly her upper torso, barring her head, turned into brown mud, which clung to Nicholas' body like an octopus.

"If it weren't for you, my husband might have succeeded." Lorena, with only her head left, stared at Nicholas with hatred. "That is why I am going to kill you today!"

The mud flowed around Nicholas and towards his elixir field.

In the eyes of the True Gods of the divine land, the Holy Beings were indeed indestructible, unless their universes were destroyed.

But that didn't mean Lorena couldn't kill the Holy Beings.

In fact, she could cut off the connection between Holy Beings and their universes.


Only then did Nicholas realize that he had fallen into a huge crisis.

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