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   Chapter 2516 Approaching

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Nicholas performed the spatial transference once again in order to return to the East Hall.

The Holy Beings freely moved around in the divine land since they had the ability to reach their destination almost instantly, save for a few, specific places.

The Holy Being in the East Hall waited for a while and guessed where Nicholas might have gone. He unexpectedly came back within five minutes.

Nicholas was uncharacteristically joyful when he reappeared.

"What makes you so happy Nicholas?" Jeremiah asked curiously.

Everyone's gaze fell on Nicholas.

"Come with me!" he told everyone enthusiastically.

Clark frowned in confusion. "Where?"

"To the Six-Burden Region," Nicholas answered.

"The Six-Burden Region?"

"Isn't that the Han Clan's ancestral land?"

"Won't the Han Clan be alerted if we go to the Six-Burden Region?"

Despite the fact that they could literally move freely in the divine land, the Six-Burden Region was the Han Clan's territory and they needed to tell them first before going there.

"Shouldn't we tell Samuel first?" someone asked. The joy on Nicholas's face faded into disdain. "Ignore him! Just follow me."

Samuel, to Nicholas, was nothing more than a clown.

He didn't even consider the Sword Clan and the Moon Clan, let alone the Han Clan and Samuel.


As soon as he said these words, the energy around Nicholas fluctuated and he disappeared.

Since it was him who said so then the Holy Beings didn't really refute him. They all disappeared from the East Hall one by one.

A wave of space swept through the Six-Burden Divine City.

Nicholas suddenly appeared in mid-air.

As the Han Clan's ancestral land, the Six-Burden Divine City was much better protected than the Silverwing Divine City.

The moment Nicholas appeared, the ban above the city was immediately activated and the Thousand Commandments Slate within turned into several blue lightning snakes that shot straight towards him.

"Someone is trespassing into our Six-Burden Divine City!"


ly unbelievable. They rubbed their eyes, some even checked the expression on other people's faces just to confirm if they were all seeing the same thing—there were indeed more than a dozen Holy Beings in front of them.

"Is there something here Nicholas?" one of the Holy Beings asked.

Nicholas narrowed his eyes and gazed at the distance. "One hundred thousand miles to the north."

He then took a step forward.

Once again, Nicholas suddenly disappeared.

The other Holy Beings had no idea what he was trying to do and simply followed him.

In a flash, all of them suddenly disappeared, leaving only the stunned True Gods in the Six-Burden Divine City.

Nicholas had launched the spatial transference once again and arrived above the Tie Clan. He swept his gaze and saw an array flag.

"This array flag must have been placed by someone who is at least a consummate True God," Jeremiah said. "It hasn't been here for too long. It seems to be guarding something underneath. What could it be?"

Nicholas smiled. "An extremely important thing."

As he said this, he immediately shot towards the array flag.

In the depths of the earth, Lorena, who was within the rock layers, suddenly opened her eyes.

She looked at Zen, who currently had his eyes closed as he tried to break through and become a top-rank True God, with indescribable fear.

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