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   Chapter 2515 Hamish Hu

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Under the gaze of the Holy Beings, in the blink of an eye, Nicholas disappeared right before everyone's eyes.

Those present exchanged glances, none of them knowing what had just happened.

But Nicholas was the one who gathered the Holy Beings to discuss some important matters.

Why did he leave so suddenly?

Thirty thousand miles to the east of the Time Sea was the Silverwing Divine City.

Originally, it belonged to a second-tier clan in the divine land, but the Dongfang Clan forcibly expropriated it some divine eras ago.

How could a second-tier clan dare to go against a powerful clan above the Time Sea like the Dongfang Clan? They were forced to keep their resentments to themselves to avoid damaging trouble.

But the Dongfang Clan never attached much importance to the divine city. Although the Silverwing Divine City technically belonged to the Dongfang Clan, the city revenues still went straight to the second-tier clan.

Soon, Nicholas' figure appeared within the borders of the city.

But no one in the entire city knew of his existence—not even the city's no-fly ban had been triggered.

In a flash, his figure entered a building in the Silverwing Divine City.

A thin old man was in the building.

He was bent over at the waist, sorting out some materials.

"You old man… hurry up!" a mid-rank True God beside him berated.

They were in a well-known pill-refining workshop in the Silverwing Divine City, where the old man had dedicated many divine eras working hard.

Being too humble and honest of a worker, he was often bossed around by those around him.

But he was always diligent and efficient, in addition to being knowledgeable and requiring minimal salary—the pill-refining workshop was naturally glad to have him as an employee.

While many people treated him as someone insignificant, he had, in fact, long become indispensable.


Just then, Nicholas entered the workshop.

The sudden appearance of the stranger was quite a surprise to the many True Gods there.

"Who are you? How dare you break in here! This is an important venue of our Qian Clan, welcome only to important people."

This Qian Cla

it!" Then, he turned and left without another word.

Behind him, Hamish Hu held a herb in his hand as a smile flashed across his face. "I hope you mean it!" he called out.

Nicholas had chosen to side with the Yellow Emperor Guards because of Lorena. But if he could get what he wanted, he probably wouldn't hesitate to betray the Yellow Emperor Guards—Hamish Hu knew Nicholas' personality well.

Only then did Hamish Hu notice that all the True Gods in the pill-refining room were staring at him in fear.

Never did they expect to see this obedient old man would be respected by such a strong cultivator!

And this man had a remarkable theurgy—the True God had already turned to ash, but he could easily bring him back with a simple wave of a finger. Just what method did he use?

"Don't you have better things to do than to stare at me? Mind your own business," said the old man lightly.

His voice seemed to be somehow laced with a powerful wave of soul power. In an instant, this power invaded all the minds of the True Gods, actively erasing a portion of their memories.

The True Gods were trembling as their eyes grew full of confusion.

But this trance lasted only momentarily before they came back to their senses—the scene they had just witnessed was completely erased from their minds.

The mid-rank True God who had been previously pulverized once again shouted at Hamish Hu, "You old bastard, how dare you slack off!"

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