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   Chapter 2514 Breakthrough

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In the past, it took Zen much effort to get a complete Spiritual Darkness.

Now, looking at the gathering clouds, he was struck with surprise.

"Sword cloud, condense!"

Zen's eyes flashed and a faint sword shadow suddenly appeared within the surging clouds and fog.

It split into two, then four, and then finally, into eight parts.

As the shadow spread, it suddenly turned into countless sword shadows. Their collisions produced the crisp sound of metal scraping against metal, constantly colliding in Zen's inner world.

"Zen has cultivated the Emotion Closing Godly Way..."

Something seemed to click in Lorena's mind as her eyes glowed. "I see... Holy Jay must have discovered the inheritance of my father in the Mountain of Holy Beings. The Infinity Ruler has also been obtained from there!"

It hadn't been long since Holy Jay became a Holy Being, and Lorena wasn't aware of what happened after that.

But when she saw Zen practice the Emotion Closing Godly Way and absorb 3000 Godly Ways by means of the Infinity Ruler, she was almost certain that it was from her father's inheritance.

Such inheritance could've only been taken from the Mountain of Holy Beings.

The Godly Way Guide was one of her father's most powerful theurgies. But it couldn't be activated even after comprehending the three thousand Godly Ways. The only way one could use it was through the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

And this was why the other 2999 Godly Ways worked as auxiliaries, and the Emotion Closing Godly Way remained the most important.

Zen had gotten the Infinity Ruler and it was quite the major when it came to cultivating the Emotion Closing Godly Way—it had to be more than a mere coincidence. It was likely that he obtained the Infinity Ruler while receiving a lesson as well.

Putting together all the details, Lorena had a strong feeling about her speculations.

In the inner world, all the living creatures raised their heads to gaze upon the dense sword clouds.

This included the Evil God and all the various talents on the continent.

Although they didn't know how the sword clouds actually came into being, they knew that such an abnormality meant a great change in the world was nearing.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

All the brown sword clouds gathered at the center of the inner world, completely surrounding Zen's Godly Tile and gradually forming an enormous wh

Hearing his mother's words, Zen heaved a sigh of relief.

In the cave, the Spiritual Darknesses were still gathering from all directions, rushing into Zen's inner world and falling into the chaotic sea.

The waters of the chaotic sea began boiling as more and more dark clouds and mist spread into the sky.

And so Zen made use of these elements as means to try and become a top-rank True God.

In the East Hall on a Floating Island…

Nicholas stood there along with Jeremiah, Murphy, Clark, and the others.

The Holy Beings gathering there belonged to the alliance of the rich and powerful clans led by the Dongfang Clan.

Nicholas had never had to endure anything. To him, only the weak had to endure all kinds of things in life.

The Sword Clan had offended the Dongfang Clan and he was dead-intent on counterattacking without hesitation.

"Ten divine eras ago, I said that the day would come sooner or later. Are you guys ready, now?" Nicholas' tone was cold.

"I obey all your command. I shall do anything you decide!" The Holy Being from the Liu Clan answered promptly.

Because they were considered rather weak among the rich and powerful clans, the Liu Clan was more than willing to suck up to and take advantage of the Dongfang Clan.

"Our Tang Clan supports you, of course. But can you ensure a smooth process?" Clark asked skeptically.

With a small smile, Nicholas was ready to answer.

But at this moment, a small voice suddenly came to his mind, changing his expression entirely. He abruptly screamed out, "Everyone, would you give me a moment of your time?"

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