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   Chapter 2513 Mike's Ambition

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Ever since Zen's inner world had emitted a strong desire that constantly stimulated him, he had been looking forward to making a breakthrough for a long time.

His elixir field emitted a gentle light and he did not resist at all. Then, all the Spiritual Darknesses were completely absorbed.

It seemed that Lorena didn't consider Zen's endurance, or she didn't need to consider that at all.

"May I enter your inner world and take a look?" asked Lorena. A smile spread over Zen's face as he nodded.

At that moment, a figure that resembled Lorena's consciousness quickly floated into his inner world.

Beside her stood his avatar and together, they landed at the same time.

"Phew! Phew! Phew!"

Numerous Spiritual Darknesses kept squeaking and falling from the sky.

The Spiritual Darknesses did not have a higher form of intelligence and were completely under Lorena's control.

Although it was clear that they would be swallowed down, they still flew into Zen's inner world without hesitation.

"The strength source of the Nine Divine Stars is actually quite a lot," Lorena exclaimed as she glanced up at the sky. "If I'm not mistaken, some Holy Being helped you forge the Nine Divine Stars, right?"

"Yes, it's the strength source Holy Jay has given," said Zen.

Lorena smiled. "They are a bit unusual, aren't they? They actually gave the strength source directly to you."

She thought that it was simply crazy to forge Zen's inner world into what it was now.

She paused and gazed into the distance, only to see dozens of rays of light in the air.

"Is that the internal momentum of the Godly Ways?" Lorena's eyes narrowed. She wasted no time and immediately flew towards the rays of light.

As for Zen, he didn't say anything and simply followed his mother from behind.

When Lorena arrived above the Godly Tile that Zen had condensed, she saw that it emitted more than 300 rays of light.

Those rays of light contained the internal momentum of different Godly Ways, which were distributed throughout Zen's inner world.

"So many Godly Ways!" Lorena cried out in surprise. "There are at least three hundred Godly Ways! How? How is that possible? I don't understand!"

Meanwhile, Zen

r got the Infinity Ruler much later," Zen tried to reason. Lorena's lips curved up into a small smile.

Although she was angry at her husband, she was happy that he and her son could do such a thing. "There will be a day when the truth comes out. Since you have expanded your inner world to such an extent, you must absorb these Spiritual Darknesses quickly!" she told her son.

Zen, however, didn't absorb all the Spiritual Darknesses as his mother instructed.

More than ninety percent of them fell into the chaotic sea and the waters began to surge.

He let the rest of the Spiritual Darknesses fall to the ground.

In turn, the Spiritual Darknesses dug holes and hid underground like rats.

If he wanted to cultivate more Spiritual Darknesses, he just needed to feed them with divine might coins continuously. He would have more Spiritual Darknesses in his inner world as long as he could get enough divine might coins.

He hoped that wouldn't be a problem since the forbidden lands in his inner world continuously produced divine might coins.

He didn't know the use of the divine might coins before. Now that the Spiritual Darknesses constantly divided and reproduced, he could easily get almost an infinite number of Spiritual Darknesses.

A large number of Spiritual Darknesses in the chaotic sea turned into numerous brown clouds which almost shrouded the entire sky of Zen's inner world. Soon enough, those brown clouds gathered towards Zen's Godly Tile.

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