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   Chapter 2512 The Origin Of Spiritual Darkness

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Zen walked quietly behind Lorena as he scanned the cave up and down.

The cave seemed to be emitting a faint smell of blood, while there were several pieces of brown "mud" running around.

In addition, Zen also saw many huge heads that were embedded in the rows of rocks.

The eyes of these heads were closed, as if they were sleeping peacefully.

"Mom, what are these creatures? Why could they travel in the rocks?" Zen asked curiously.

After reuniting with Lorena in the debate venue, Zen didn't feel distant from his mother. Instead, he felt very secure and safe with his mother.

"These stone spirits were grown by me one by one. They are my bodyguards," Lorena replied with a smile.

"You grew them?" Zen asked, slightly stunned.

"Well, they are blessed by Chaos Ancient God to possess extreme powers. Even Harold may not be able to deal with them," said Lorena.

"No wonder," Zen exclaimed, his eyes flashing with a spark. These stone spirits had always made Zen feel great pressure. Just as his mother had said, because they had the ability to contend against Harold, they might be comparable to Holy Beings.

Underground, caves were connected one by one. Every time Lorena led Zen to the end of one of the caves, there would be a new one. The underground world was far more complicated than Zen had ever imagined.

Along the way, Zen had seen a large amount of Spiritual Darkness. His inner world was like a beast that was ready to move, urging him to devour the Spiritual Darkness. He took a lot of discipline to restrain his urges.

Soon after, Zen passed another cave and saw a large pot resting on the ground.

Zen had seen this huge pot through the Spiritual Darkness' eyeball. Back then, his mother only had a head left which was soaked in the pot.

Beneath the pot was a faint green flame swaying back and forth.

"Sit down," said Lorena while pointing her finger at a particular corner.

Zen nodded and followed his mother. He sat cross legged on the ground beside the large pot.

Lorena placed herself in front of Zen and stared at him with a happiness across her face.

She had fused the memories of her incarnation of fear, but it was the first time she had seen Zen herself, so she had a different feeling.

ous benefit Chiyou managed to create for his people.

However, people cultivating with the Spiritual Darkness were not actually people from the divine land, but extraordinary creatures that had opened up the Sanskrit Land, and Lorena was one of them.

Later on, the Nine Li people had been almost all killed, and the True Gods of the divine land couldn't reach higher level to become extraordinary creatures. The divine might coins could only be used to modify the rules on the Ruling Slate.

After Lorena was done explaining, Zen gave off a bitter smile He had been exploring hard and was unable to break through in the end. He didn't expect that it was because the Primal Chaos Technique he learned was incomplete.

To put it simply, the Primal Chaos Technique only recorded the methods to open up a small divine land, but it did not record how to expand or cultivate it in the first place. Zen, on the other hand had relied on himself and accidentally reached what he was now.

However, Zen had been stuck in condensing his Godly Tile, and couldn't develop any further up until he discovered the mud.

"You have created the Thousand Sanskrit Land for a long time," pointed out Lorena. "Now I can help you break through your bottlenecks, but you still need to master the way to nurture the Spiritual Darkness." She looked at her son with a seriousness in her eyes. "Are you ready, Zen?"

Zen nodded.

With one point of her finger, the Spiritual Darknesses flocked towards Zen in a rapid pace.

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