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   Chapter 2511 Meeting Lorena Again

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"What's wrong?" Harold asked.


Zen stretched out his arm and pointed at the grey soft stones in front of him. He moved and rushed towards the stones.

The moment he approached the stones, his inner world suddenly gave him a strong sense of hunger. It felt like the most delicious food was hidden behind those stones.

"It's here! I have felt it. The mud is right behind the stones," Zen stated with certainty.

Harold nodded in response.

He went in action but it was not easy for him to break those soft stones.

His muscles started to swell as his shoulders worked up doubling in volume within three seconds, and his arms were not in proportion to his stature.

The soft stones couldn't be easily broken with brute force.


Harold thought of another way by abruptly inserting his fingers into the stones. He opened his arms to both sides, and a crack appeared on the layer of the soft stones.

Zen immediately saw a glimpse of a wide space through the crack.

Under the dim light, he even saw the round stone plate.

"It's that cave! It can really move under the ground!"

Zen's face was filled with excitement. He was about to step in the cave, but was stopped by Harold.

"Let me go in first," Harold said and made Zen halt his steps.

Harold thought that they might come across something strange in the depths of the ground. It was reasonable for him to ensure their safety by going in first.

He positioned himself in front and climbed through the crack, and Zen followed closely behind.

Entering the cave, Zen saw a brown thing running crazily not far away. It was about to enter another crack beside the cave.

"Don't let that thing get away!" Zen hurriedly urged.

The brown thing was the mud that Zen wanted, which was also the Spiritual Darkness that his mother mentioned.

"Of course not!"

Harold answered plainly. He effortlessly waved his hand in the air.

The Spiritual Darkness on the verge of escape froze on the spot. It kept squeaking with fear as it was suddenly grab

s they silently waited.

"Crack! Crack!"

Cracking sounds were suddenly heard from the left corner of the cave.

A crack appeared among the rocks. It looked like a monster with its mouth wide open.


Right then, a figure with a long hair flashed by and firmly stood in front of Zen.

The figure in front of Zen was his mother, Lorena, whom he had met in the debate venue.

Meeting his mother in the debate venue was, however, different from this moment. What he saw before was only the incarnation of his mother, and in front of him right now was his real mother.

"Hello, Lorena,"

Harold greeted with a reverent bow.

Lorena glanced at Harold. "Thank you for bringing Zen here in person."

"It's my pleasure," Harold replied humbly.

Lorena nodded and turned to look at Zen, her son.

She had already absorbed all the memories of her incarnation. But for herself, it was the first time she really had contact with her son face to face.

She touched Zen's face, revealing an attractive smile on her face. "Zen, please follow me!"

"Yes, Mother," Zen resolutely answered and nodded.

Before leaving with his mother, Zen naturally would not forget to activate the mountain token.

The activated mountain token took Harold to the fairy palace in a flash. Zen put it away and walked towards the crack along with his mother.

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