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   Chapter 2510 The Underground

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Harold and Zen proceeded further down the layer of gangue, which was several thousand feet deep.

Suddenly a loud bang came from below. Something had blocked Harold's path.

"Should we continue digging even after we arrive at the flint layer?" asked Harold.

Flint was a translucent crystal, and it was a hundred times tougher than the gangue.

No matter how tough the flint was, it couldn't stop Harold.

"Wait a minute. It seems that this is the wrong direction," Zen said with a frown.

There was some reaction in his inner world the last time he went underground.

The brown mud, known as the Spiritual Darkness, seemed to have a strong attraction to Zen.

But this time around, even after going so deep into the underground, his inner world still didn't have any reaction, which meant that they had deviated in the opposite direction.

On the other hand, the last time, Zen had dug down in the territory of the Tie Clan, and finally escaped from the top of the cave, which led to a pond in the backyard of the Tie Clan.

At that time, Zen had come to the conclusion that the underground cave could change and move freely.

But his mother had asked him to look for her in the Six-Burden Region, so there must be no problem here.

"Let's go that way." Zen could only rely on his internal compass to find the direction by instinct.

Harold nodded. Instead of digging further in the layer of flint, he moved horizontally on the layer of gangue.

However, they had traveled horizontally on the layer of gangue for a long distance, but Zen's inner world still showed no reaction. In the end, they had no choice but to stop.

"Do you think your mother has left this place?" asked Harold with a frown.

Zen shook his head. "No, she said she would wait for me here. She won't leave before I find her."

"But don't forget that the woman you saw in the debate venue isn't really your mother," warned Harold.

The Lorena in the debate venue was just an incarnation of fear. She was merely a replica, not the real deal.

This meant that the real Lorena was clueless about the fact that her son wa

eneath the layer of gangue was the layer of flint, and below that was the layer of soft stones.

As the name suggested, the soft stone was not as hard as flint, but it was extremely malleable. It could not be penetrated by force alone.

Even Harold couldn't break it easily.

With all these obstacles, exploring the depths of the divine land was no mean feat! This was also the reason why Lorena chose to hide underground.

"We have reached the deep underground, haven't we?" Zen asked.

"You are right," said Harold. "If we go past these soft stones and keep moving further down, we will encounter the Lethal Fire Magma. The green magma can kill the Holy Beings."

"Really?" Zen asked in surprise.

Harold nodded. "That's the purest energy in the divine land, and also the foundation for maintaining the entire divine land. We can't continue anymore. Let's look for your mother somewhere else," he proposed.

Zen was reluctant to leave. The underground world was so large and finding a particular cave was like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, he had to follow Harold's orders or advice whatever you might term it.

Just as Zen was about to leave with Harold, he suddenly felt a hint of warmth coming from his inner world!

So he stopped immediately and looked around frantically.

His inner world was programmed to have such a reaction only when the mud was very close to him!

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